MLM Tips: Getting New Reps Started

Ever recruited someone and just not know how to get them started the right way?

Today I share my four best MLM tips for getting your new recruit started right.

The Importance of Getting Your New Reps Started

The MLM tips that I cover in the below video are ones that I wish I understood when I got started. They are all about managing and retaining new people into your team for the long term and NOT turning them off. Have you ever recruited someone just to have them quit within a day or so or recruited someone and they simply dissappear right away and stop returning your calls? Chances are if that is the case, you broke some of the rules I talk about in the below video. WARNING: There is a little skit in the video below that just might crack you up (at least it did me).

Video: Four MLM Tips to Get New Reps Started

Did you like the skit? LOL, hope it drove the point home. It is a GREAT idea to put the pressure on and be aggressive with new reps…if that is what they are ready for. Yes to being bold and getting people to step up but also know that pushing too hard can have the opposite effect especially before they have been to a major event.

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