mlm successPeople ask me how to create serious MLM success if they have taken a beating or have failed before.

This will help you to crush it even if you have had past struggles.

Headed to Vegas!

Today I head out to Vegas to share the stage with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor and many more at Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro event. If you are headed out to Vegas for this event be sure to come find me! I will most likely be sharing my notes as well.

Create MLM Success Regardless of your Past

So the question that I got on my Periscope was “How to start from scratch when you’ve been in the game before, and you’re ready to launch?” Who asks that? The name scrolled so fast. You have to start from scratch. You’ve been in the game before, but you’re ready to rock and roll.

The story that maybe you’re kicking around in your head is that, “Oh my goodness, people have seen me in other companies and things of that nature.” You have to be willing to not be addicted to how you’re going to look socially if you want to change your life.

This is especially true in the network marketing profession. If you deeply care what the Jones’ think or what your neighbors think, or what your warm market or friends and family think, then you’re just never going to create MLM success anyway, whether you’re relaunching, whether you’re just getting started. It doesn’t matter. One of the greats that say this in his own way, Eric Worre says that you need to be willing to accept a social downgrade if you’re going to be serious about network marketing.

I’ll just give you my scenario. I had been in 11 different network marketing companies. I had made some sales in a couple of them, but I’d never created anything that lasted. When I was in 11 different network marketing companies, and I failed, I didn’t have a check coming from any of them. Then I went into my 12th one and became the number one income earner in that company.

network marketing tipsI went to the same people. I went to those 11 times before, except, this time I said, “Hey listen, this may or may not be for you. I’m going to run with this ting. I’m going to crush it. If you’re open to it, great. If not, no big deal.” Some of them said, “Well, how long are you going to be in this one?” I said, “You’ll see.” I did very, very, very little convincing. I did very little, “Let me tell you what I’m going to go.” Don’t tell anybody what you’re going to do. Go do it. Go show up. Go make it happen.

I had some of those people that doubted me ended up joining my business.

Don’t bother trying to convince someone that you’re going to be serious this time. Who cares? Go show them. Go show them. If they want to come along, great. If they don’t, don’t worry about it. That would be my answer is don’t care about a social downgrade, don’t care if they doubt you. You don’t need their acceptance to become a top earner. I didn’t go and hit the million dollar in commission mark in my last company just to have them say, “Wait a minute, before we hand you this, did all your warm market agree and accept you?”

You don’t need the acceptance or approval of anyone to create serious MLM success, now go out there and make it happen and show what CAN be done!

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