Need help starting your own home business? Read these tips that worked for me.

We’ve been able to make millions in multiple categories of home business and will share our best suggestions.

The Four Main Suggestions when Starting Your Own Home Business

1. Get around people that have what you want. The best ones to get around are those that have the lifestyle that you want. Be wary of those that are really smart and give you lots of advice about starting your own home business but don’t have a profitable one and have a crappy lifestyle. The way we have picked out coaches have been simply looking at what they had and what they had done, not just what they knew.

2. Hit your numbers. Whether you are starting your own internet business or traditional business, you need to get whatever service, product or opportunity in front of people. In the beginning when I wanted to crush it in the network marketing niche I went for 20 no’s per day, meaning, I prospected people in my warm market, cold market, online, offline and would not stop until I got 20 no’s per day. As I always get asked this a No can come at any part in the process. Some said No to even looking at what I was doing and others said No after they saw my company presentation. I have done a LOT of articles on this, for those interested, here are a few:

MLM Recruiting Advice

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3. Pick a target market and start serving them with blog content. This advice would come no matter what marketplace or niche you are going after. I am not convinced that if I were going into ANY niche or profession I would immediately start blogging. In the beginning I wasn’t getting much results from my blog but now get 3,000-4,000 leads every single month from my blog. I cannot stress how important this has been for my branding, business and income. It is crazy to me that so many people are chasing dollars without consistently putting their own value into the marketplace. IF you are totally clueless about blogging but think I may know what I am talking about, you might want to take advantage of our special pricing on our blogging overview (it’s only $7 Here), and stay tuned as later this month we are rolling out the most epic product we have ever done on how to brand yourself with a blog and we show you exactly how to do it no matter what niche you are going after.

4. Get to events. In every profession there are events that pertain to what you are trying to accomplish, make sure you get to those events to learn strategies and stories on how people are having success, this is a non-negotiable too.

What if you Don’t Have Money?

The neat thing about not having money is the INSTANT you stop focusing on your lack of money and instead on the fact that you still have blood pumping through your veins you can go out and MAKE money. Sell stuff, grab extra hours, get a paper route, or whatever you need to do but you MUST stop bitching to the rest of the world how broke you are and instead simply realize that your habits have gotten you to where you are and you can choose now to change those habits.

Know that people in worse situations than you have created success. IF you want to see my story of when I was just getting started, you can watch this video from me where I shared at one of my last company events. The Ray Higdon Story

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You can create success quickly when starting your own home business but you MUST follow certain rules. Hope you got benefit from this post, feel free to share with others if you did.

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