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MLM Prospecting:
How to Set an Appointment


Ever get someone to agree to watch your presentation but they don’t answer their phone when you try to follow up with them? This post will teach you how to set an appointment so you get a higher percentage of people that WILL keep their word.

The Key to MLM Prospecting

In my opinion, the key to ALL MLM prospecting is at every step of the game, DON’T BE DESPERATE. I never want to convey NEED when I am talking to someone about my business. Too often network marketers drip with disgusting need and desperation so badly that people will say ANYTHING to get away from them, including make a false appointment to get off the phone.

Know, like my friend Eric Worre says, we have a better way. From slaving in corporate America to running a small business and even being a franchise owner, I can say, without a doubt, that the low risk, low overhead, high profit world of network marketing is the BEST option for those that TRULY want to build a serious income AND lifestyle, we don’t need to beg and plead so stop doing any of that if you have been.

How to Make Appointments by Telephone


There are several elements to know when it comes to how to set an appointment.

First: IF you are new, you will want to have a list of leaders you can call for a three way call (if you are on my team, just shoot me an email for that list). This short video informs you the proper way to conduct a three way call (most people have no idea)

Second: If you want to save time and have the ability to be duplicated, you need to be using a recorded presentation or be inviting people to a live event. Check with your upline for this information in regards to your company.

Third: Don’t just lob the presentation out there and hope they keep their word, find out why they may possibly be interested in your business as a solution to their problems. The best resource I have for learning how to do this is my 7 Step MLM Recruiting Audio that you can download here.

Fourth: Most people haven’t learned to do this step. If you want to know how to set an appointment, tie them down. There are two times you should do this step that I learned from Dani Johnson. (1) Do this step IF you have a large number of people that don’t answer their phones when you try to call them back at the agreed upon time or (2) the prospect sounds wishy washy when you set the appointment. In either case, say something like this…

You: How soon can you watch the presentation?
Prospect: Um, tonight sometime
You: How about I call you at 7:15pm, will you have watched it by then? (by then is a great term, it subconsciously programs them to “Buy Then”)
Prospect: Um, sure
You: (pay attention, this is how to set an appointment) OK, sometimes in this business people just agree to watch a presentation but they don’t really plan on it, I run a professional business and talk to a lot of people, are you just saying you are going to watch it to get me off the phone or will you have watched it and I can count on speaking to you at 7:15pm? IF you are just saying you are going to watch it and don’t plan to, feel free to tell me now so we can save each others time. (end this with a down stroke of your voice, not an upstroke in tone, slightly tougher for women to learn usually)
Prospect: Uh, no, for sure, I will watch it

Fifth: Know how to leave voicemails and in what frequency if they do not answer. This post covers what to say in regards to this – How to leave voicemails

My Training on How to Set an Appointment on the Phone

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