3 Way Conference Call for MLM Sponsoring

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This is a full complete blog on exactly how to increase your MLM sponsoring and how to 3 way call with your upline. When you need one, when you do not and EXACTLY how to make the transition. I suspect this blog post may become one of my most shared ones as most people don't teach the right way to do this.

How to Three Way Call

First of all if you need on the TECHNICAL of how to three way call, just google "how to 3 way call" following by your phone type, such as, "How to three way call on an iPhone". This blog does not get into the technical how to but rather when to appropriately use three way calls to boost your home business and MLM sponsoring results.

When Should You Use a Three Way Call?

Don't think that it is just newbies that need three way calls, veterans use them too. This is just for the MLM prospect to hear someone else share their story and help answer questions in a different light. The way we teach people in the team to use three way calls is to get upline on the phone IF NEEDED after the prospect has seen a presentation.

Before the Three Way Call, The Follow Up

3 Way Calling with MLM Leaders

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Most people have no idea the proper way to follow up. I cannot get into teaching three way calling without talking about the follow up because NOT all MLM prospects need a three way call. Here is my suggestion for following up with your prospect: First: Set an agreed upon time you are going to follow up with them if you have them watching a third party tool such as a webinar or recorded video, conference call, etc. Second: Text or call your upline to see if they will be available around that time, if not, ask for alternatives. Third: When you call them, determine if they have watched it or not. If they have not, inform them that its no problem but you have to prioritize your time and get back with the people that did watch it and you will contact them in a week or so. If they did watch it, ask them this question.."What did you like about what you saw?" Fourth: What if they have questions? Do you go for the 3 way call right then and there? No. Acknowledge the fact that they have questions and say, "Cool, that is great you have questions, first let me just ask you what did you like about what you saw?" Understand that there are probably more than 20 people I sponsored that had questions but I never heard them as I asked them this question. Rookie networkers think they get paid to answer questions...you don't have to always answer every question. =) Fifth: When you ask them, what did you like about what you saw, if they answer positively, say this: "Sounds to me like you are ready to join" and be silent after. Let them talk first. If you are prospecting enough, you will get a percentage of them that will just join you rather than you ever even need a three way call. Sixth: Lets say they share with you what they like but they still have questions. At that point it would be fine to do a three way call. But, Here is the most important thing to understand about this process. It's the transition.

How to Transition on a Three Way Call

This is critical. Most newbies do the time share transition. What I mean by that is they make it like they are bringing on the muscle headed time share thug that is going to pound them into submission. This, obviously, raises the resistance of the prospect and is why sometimes a prospect will say "No thank you" to a three way call. Here are examples: "Let me get someone on the phone that can help with that question" "I have access to the top income earner in the company and I would be happy to get them on the phone if you like" Phrases like that will create the most resistance in your prospect as they DON'T want to be hard closed and that is exactly what they think is about to happen. Instead, transition into a three way call out of serving and caring. Here is an example of how to do it the right way: "That is a great question and I can tell you are serious by asking that question. Tell you what I would feel more comfortable if I got one of my partners on the line that I work with in the company that can answer it to make sure this is the right fit for you. Please hold one minute." Doesn't that feel easier and better than what you have been taught in the past?

Edification on Three Way Calls

The rookie also edifies in the wrong direction. They build up their prospect to be a juggernaut and then introduce the upline as "joe" or "Danny". This is terrible. AFTER (not before) you have made the transition, then, you can edify the heck out of the upline and emphasize the limited amount of time you have the upline. Here is an example: "Mr prospect, boy are we in luck, I wasn't sure if I could get him/her or not but we got the top blah blah blah in North America/World, that has won this and that and we caught them in between meetings and he/she has a few minutes to help address your question to make sure this is a fit for you." There you go, a full guide to doing three way calls, if you have questions regarding MLM prospecting or three way calls, please leave a comment if you do or if you liked this thorough posting. If you enjoyed this post please comment and share if you want more content like this Ray Higdon Profile Image Ray Higdon Skype: ray.higdon Email: [email protected] Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net If you enjoyed this blog on how to 3 way call, retweet and comment please