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These tips on how to make more money are based on my experiences of generating almost $10 million in revenue in the last six years. I hope they help you, the less money you have made, more than likely the more challenging these tips will be for you. I encourage you to second guess what you think you know and instead look at your results IF you want a different set of results of course. With much love and light, Ray

  1. You will attract who you are, not what you want. If you are someone who is super tight with your money and look at how to get everything for free or how to avoid paying people, then, you will attract those exact type of people to you. You cannot trick the energy of money in my observation and experience. You cannot be holding on tight to your dollars and attract easy going, high paying clients, customers or teammates.
  2. Be mindful of your payoff and why you do what you do. Many people race up the rank advancement chain to become a top earner in their company, get on stage, get recognition and then they are like…now what? I know and have met a LOT of bored out of their minds top earners. Be mindful of your payoff. Have payoffs that will continue to challenge you no matter where you take yourself. The producers of the world have a large responsibility to inspire others, keep inspiring no matter how fat your bank account gets.
  3. Be very careful of how you respect your biggest investment. Your biggest investment is always YOU. How do you honor your biggest investment? You honor it by investing in yourself and believing that each dollar you put into your education will yield you a bigger return. IF you accomplish this way of thinking you will be unstoppable. Any time I am stuck in my business I just know to invest in a coach, mentor or course and that investment will always yield me more than my original investment. You must also honor your investment by implementing what you learn in the courses, coaches or masterminds you invest in. IF you break this honor by drawing the conclusion that investing in yourself is a bad investment, hope will be lost as NOTHING outside of you will be able to fill the hole you create when you don’t believe in you. Begin today to hold sacred how you invest in your most precious asset, YOU. IF you are the type that when life gets tough you are quick to ask for a refund of a course you bought, versus, honor yourself by utilizing that resource to go and MAKE more money, you are in a dangerous energy that will most likely continue to drain you of possibility.
  4. Know where money comes from. Money comes from other people, not systems or companies. You may use systems or companies to generate more money but money always comes from other people and other people spend their money on two main areas, 1. To solve a problem they have and 2. To attain a desire. To make more money simply ask yourself how can you solve more problems of people and or how you can help other people attain more desires. If you notice all network marketing companies do one or both of those things.
  5. Just learning to make more money isn’t enough. When I had my first million dollar year in 2013 it didn’t have the effect that I thought it would. I thought it would make me feel worthy or complete but honestly back then all it did was have my check it off a list of things I wanted to accomplish and set a new goal. For more on this insight, you may want to watch this pretty emotional video I did after seeing Tony Robbins.

I am in a much better energy than just back then in 2013 but I still have to remind myself to celebrate our wins. If you don’t draw joy from doing what you are doing and your life is just a series of next goal, next goal, next goal, you run the risk of burnout. Tap into the energy of your marketplace and feel the gratitude you are generating once you start to impact more lives.

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