Moneymaking and
The Energy of Money

This is a topic too few understand or give attention to. Understanding the energy of money will drive more business, customers and cash into your life.

Is Money Everything?

It’s always popular for people to say things like “Money isn’t everything” or “These things are more important than money” as sayings like that make people feel good that currently feel bad (secretly or not) about the amount of money they possess. The problem with this thinking is twofold in regards to the energy of money.

1. Saying things like health/family/happiness is more important than money is indicating that to have money is to make some sort of trade-off, thereby in some way accusing those with money of being absent of one or more of those “more treasured” possessions AND, worse, indicating your defiance against being wealthy as you do not deem it a worthwhile or healthy pursuit and where you currently as being superior to having more money in your life. This is one of those subconscious, ego-driven, safety hatches that is one, pure bullshit and two, PREVENTING massive money from coming to your experience.

2. The second problem with this thinking, which, has been brought about by environments, media, movies, hollywood, etc is that money or the pursuit of making money is evil and to be looked down upon. IF you believe that moneymaking is evil, congrats, you will get your wish and never gain or have much of it. Feel free to point your judgmental finger at all those with money…course, while they enjoy their life traveling the world with their loved ones.

Understand the Energy of Money and Easily Make More


Your respect in regards to the energy of money will play a role in how much you make and more importantly, how much you keep in your life. Let me give you some examples…

Recently a guy bought one of my programs and according to our system records, accessed each weekly training and then proceeded to contact his credit card merchant and start the process of a chargeback. Now, for those that don’t know, a chargeback is when you dispute a charge on your credit card claiming that you didn’t authorize it. When contacted by the credit card company, we easily showed our records how he had been opening the trainings, and for how many minutes he watched each video and they didn’t allow the chargeback and will probably affect his standing with that company for making a false claim. Now, if the guy simply asked me for a refund, I would’ve gladly given it to him. But what does all this have to do with the actual ENERGY of money?

Notice the mentality in the above story. I believe it consisted of a few specifics:

1. Obviously he liked the training or he would not have continued to open the trainings each and every week. However, he wanted to get his money back. This says that to him, money is scarce. He only has so much money so guess what, that will be his experience. Now, the fact that anyone would want their money returned from purchasing one of my trainings, legitimate or not, doesn’t upset or affect me in the least as I believe that there’s plenty of money and customers out there and no one or even a thousand transactions can ever convince me otherwise.

2. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Do you know why someone who constantly gets refunds or issues unethical chargebacks is unable to create a profitable business? Because, their subconscious will tell them that all customers are just like them, and they don’t want to have to deal with it or have people ripping them off so at every angle of building their business they will carry that weight in their subconscious that it is not even beneficial to gain customers as they will just get refunds, so, they will constantly find obstacles to NOT getting customers so they don’t have to feel their perceived pain that merchants feel when THEY refund or chargeback.

 How DO You Get Money? 3 Suggestions

1. See money as an extension of who you want to be. The energy of money is sacred. To consider that having or making money is bad SHOULD feel like considering your right foot is bad. It would actually be better for you longterm to chop off your right foot than to go through life with some baloney belief that money is evil. Money simply makes you more of who you are and IF you are providing value, you SHOULD make and have money.

2. Have utmost respect for the time and intellectual property of others. Don’t look for how much you can squeeze out of people but look to see how best you can compensate people with your time or money and THAT is how you shall be treated. Others that understand the energy of money are not affected by your negativity toward money, it only affects YOU.

3. Spend more money on the things you want to be able to sell. This is mind altering advice here. I am NOT suggesting to never get a refund if it is justified nor am I saying to spend money willy nilly. But let me be more specific. IF you want to be able to sell information training products, be willing to invest in the information training products of others. IF you want to sell high end coaching, be the person willing to spend money on high end coaching. One area of my business that will open up in 2013 is my high end mastermind programs and mentoring. On a personal level, I just invested $34,000 hiring a high end personal mentor that will help me structure and put together the best mastermind programs in this industry. The last coach I hired was $7,000 to help me with the creation of intellectual property and that probably helped me make over $90,000 from his coaching. I suspect this new investment will help me not only make an additional several hundred thousand dollars but also serve at a much higher level to those who want to reach the next level.

Now you know the energy of money, treat this knowledge accordingly and you WILL make different choices that will bring more riches and abundance to you. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, it is your birthright, you are meant to live an abundant life and I hope this rant of mine helps you!

To Your Abundance!

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