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Learn How to Blog – Day 7 From Cabo!

IMG_0993This is the last day of the Learn How to Blog series, hope you enjoyed them and this video will help you even more!

Quick Recap of my Blogging Tips

In Learn how to blog day 1, gave you two powerful blogging tips to help you BEFORE you setup your blog.

In Learn how to blog day 2, gave you the FREEDOM to stop being slowed down by technology. There is ZERO shame in hiring someone to do your blog setup for you and one place you can get your blog setup is called Free Blog Factory and they will setup your blog for you for free. All you have to do is signup through their link for domain hosting (which you need anyway) and they do the rest, pretty cool.

In Learn how to blog day 3, we talked about the importance of your giveaway offer on your blog. This is CRUCIAL and WAY more important than just “hoping” to get more traffic and leads. For those just starting out, I suggest using aweber as they have great support and lots of online resources to help you.

In Learn how to blog day 4 I brought up the fact that you need to be able to close more of your leads. My biggest tip when it comes to recruiting more of your leads is when you call them, listen. Don’t have a fixed thing in mind to sell them, instead, listen to what they are struggling with or what they need and then seek to help them out. Sometimes I talk to people that don’t want to join my network marketing team but DO want to learn how to generate leads online, always, always listen!

In Learn how to blog day 5 we talked about content creation and what to write about. This is one of the biggest struggles of would be Internet sensations and one I highly suggest you watch over and over if you ever struggle with what to talk about online.

In learn how to blog day 6 we talked all about getting more blog traffic. I gave you some killer blogging tips as well as talked about the number one way to get more visitors to your site.

Final Day of our Learn How to Blog Series!

Did all the goofups in that video help you to realize that you don’t have to be perfect? I do hope the message came across though that you want to constantly invest in getting better and do fun things that are attracting to people. As attraction marketers you must first do things to attract others to you such as good content creation and having fun too!

I really hope you have enjoyed this series from Cabo, please leave a comment on your favorite tip from the series at the bottom of this page and feel free to share this with whoever you feel could benefit. Remember if you want to really dive deep with me to register for our webinar on July 2nd here.

To Your Abundance!

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