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Learn How to Blog – Day 4 From Cabo!

IMG_0936We are having a blast at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo, here’s Learn how to blog day 4!

My Blogging Tips…What We Have Covered So Far

In Learn how to blog day 1, gave you two powerful blogging tips to help you BEFORE you setup your blog.

In Learn how to blog day 2, gave you the FREEDOM to stop being slowed down by technology. There is ZERO shame in hiring someone to do your blog setup for you and one place you can get your blog setup is called Free Blog Factory and they will setup your blog for you for free. All you have to do is signup through their link for domain hosting (which you need anyway) and they do the rest, pretty cool.

In Learn how to blog day 3, we talked about the importance of your giveaway offer on your blog. This is CRUCIAL and WAY more important than just “hoping” to get more traffic and leads. For those just starting out, I suggest using aweber as they have great support and lots of online resources to help you.

Today’s Tip is NOT what you suspect

I have invested in several resources to learn marketing but this tip is one you simply will not find in courses but it IS a missing component for so many people. If you don’t learn how to get better at this in your journey to learn how to blog, you could very well spend way too much time focusing on the wrong thing and having to get way more leads and traffic than you would need to and still make a profit. Keep in mind while watching today’s video that blogging is a BUSINESS and the suggestion in THIS video below WILL help your business all the way around!

Video: Learn How to Blog Day 4

Did that make sense? Do you feel that my suggestion in that video will greatly help you and your business? I sure hope so! Please comment and share what you liked or any questions you may have below. Be sure to remember to register and attend our big webinar on July 2nd, you can register for free here.

To Your Abundance!

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