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How to Recruit People
Every Month Into Your MLM

Me and Super Leader Lisa Stevens

A question a lot of people ask is how to recruit people on a consistent basis. This short video will help you greatly if you want to boost your MLM recruiting results.

MLM Recruiting: You Reap What You Sow

So many people get frustrated because they see some hotshot upline leader in their company that barely ever talks to anyone but seems to recruit a bunch of people and it’s quite different than their experience. Leader schmeader it stills comes down to ONE STATISTIC…How many people per day are you getting to watch your company presentation?

How to Recruit People Monthly

If you want to understand how to recruit people monthly, you need to prospect monthly. If you want to get more people recruited, you need to get more eyeballs on your company presentation. There are several pretty universal statistics that I have noticed over the years that I talk about in the video below.

MLM Prospecting and Recruiting Video


My Story of Recruiting in MLM

One thing to note is that when I started in network marketing, I did not have any MLM leads coming in from anywhere, I had to go find people. I had already hit the number one income earner spot in my company BEFORE someone opted into a website telling me they wanted to join. IF you are serious about rank advancing and making money quickly, lose your comfy zone and go talk to people, however you want to accomplish that, this post talks a bit about that – How I recruited before I had MLM leads

My 7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula on Audio

If you didn’t already download it, make sure you get it here. This audio will help you with what to say and help you understand how to recruit people by actually saying less. Then stay tuned for my upcoming audio called “29 Sources of MLM Leads to Explode Your Business”.

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