Where do you start when marketing a book or anything for that matter?

Marketing a book is really not that different from the marketing of a course, a product, or from marketing of really anything. Here a guide on how to market ANYTHING.


Marketing A Book (Or Anything)

1. Identify The Need

Who is the target market of that book? Who should be interested in that book, product, service, opportunity, whatever.

You have a thing, and it could be a book, it could be skincare, it could be weight loss, it could be a travel company, it could be microphones, it could be a jazz band, it could be whatever. You ask yourself, “Okay, this product, service, experience, or opportunity, whatever thing thing is, who should be interested in this thing? Who does this benefit?

Hopefully some thought went into that before you created it. Because if you don’t have a brand and you don’t have a following and you write a book about your life story, that might be tough to market. So then you would have to deconstruct, “Okay, what lessons are in my life story and who would be interested in that sort of thing?” In the creation of whatever it is that you are marketing, product, service, opportunity, book, experience, whatever, think about “Okay, who would benefit from this? Who should want this?

2. Become an Authority

If I wanted to market anything (if I’m going to pour my energy into something) I want to be THE BEST at it. I want to be the best. That’s just it. And so if I want to market a product, service, experience, opportunity, book, whatever, I would want to become an authority around that niche.

If I have a book on mushrooms, well then I would want to build myself as an esteemed authority on mushrooms. I would have mushroom recipes. I would have mushroom soup. I would have the dangers of the wrong kind of mushrooms. I would have how to tell the difference between different mushrooms. I would have what’s the standard pricing of mushrooms. I would where can you find the best mushrooms. I would reviews of restaurants that use fancy schmancy mushrooms. I would become the mushroom EXPERT.

3. Share Your Knowledge

Now, if you’re an authority, you can sell books like freaking crazy.  I’m not a book marketer. I’m not a book genius or a guru or anything like that. But I’ve positioned myself as an authority in the network marketing space. So when we rolled out our first physical book (which we actually haven’t officially rolled out) but I had it at an event, we had 300 copies, it sold on the first break. They all sold. Gone. Sold, not given away. 300, gone in about six minutes.

Here are 2 ways that I became an expert and shared my knowledge.

1. Interviews

Do interviews with other shows, leaders, doctors, government officials, podcasts, or anyone who has a reputation as an authority.  Be passionate about whatever it is that you are marketing. If it’s a book,  I would talk about what they will learn in the book. If it’s product or service talk about the cons of not having the product. Whatever it is, know your stuff and share it!

If I’m selling skincare, guess what? I want to interview estheticians, I want to interview cosmetologists, I want to share and give comments on articles about the dangerous chemicals inside of skincare stuff. I don’t want to just try to sell my thing. To me, that’s so little. It’s tiny. Like, I want to sell my little, itty bitty thing. Why not position yourself as an authority and sell the hell out of it?


2. Creating Content

Become the Go To person for education. Create blog posts, videos, and courses. This builds your creditably and may get attention from some big leaders.

We had a student named Sherry Bullock attend one of our blog trainings and she started blogging about her weight loss journey. She also is in a company that helps with weight loss.

Well, there was a certain TV show that was looking for stories around weight loss, found her blog.  They invited her on the show. That show is the Rachael Ray show. Click Here to see the blog post of me recognizing her (we even show a little clip of her on the Rachael Ray show).

For More Tips on Marketing a Book check out the video below.

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