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Social Media Marketing Tips that Work

I’m going to give you a few different social media marketing tips that will help you build your business. There really are two main aspects of building your business on social media. That is, one, how to attract people, of course. The other one is how not to repel people. A lot of people, unbeknownst to them use repellent marketing, in that that put things out that cause more resistance than curiosity, and they literally push people away from them.

Number one: Know what medium you’re on. It is not okay to take one exact post and post it on SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. They’re different environments. They’re different cultures. There are different things that work better on different things. For example, Instagram is very visual. Don’t take something that doesn’t look right as a square image and put it on Instagram. Use something that is going to be fitted to that social media if you’re going to use it. Maybe you’re not on Instagram, and don’t worry about it. Not everyone has to be on Instagram, but if you’re going to market on a particular social media, then you may want to consider, what is the culture of that media?

The bible on this, is Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook“. He talks all about it. The entire book is about that. That might be something, if you’re serious about social media marketing, you may want to pick up. That would be number one.

Number two: People always ask me about, on Facebook should you be building on your personal profile or your business page. There’s different schools of thought here, right? I am a big guy on long term. Long term, there is no question. You should be building a Facebook page, right? Just no question. Short term, you may want to be doing some things on your Facebook profile, because that will be typically faster for you. Now, if you’ve done a lot of repellent marketing without intending to, then it’s possible that you won’t get a lot of bang for your buck out of your personal profile. In the mean time, that is usually a faster way than building a Facebook page from scratch, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort. At one point, I had no fans. Now we have 170,000 fans on Facebook. That never would have happened if I didn’t put time into that, and I had to start from somewhere. So do you.

My suggestion on that is, start to utilize the very, very powerful tool of Facebook live. If you want to absolutely dominate, and Facebook has admitted, they’re going to be giving more exposure to live videos, and they basically want to crush it in the live streaming space, so do Facebook live. I highly suggest you do that. Really, really important for you. Do the Facebook live. You may be doing them on your Facebook page to a fan of three people – your mom and two brothers – but keep building that and have the faith that you can build that. It will make it happen.

Number three: A lot of people, they say, “Ray, how do I get more followers? When I do something, who’s going to see it?” Step one of that is to be someone worthy of following. What are you putting out there? What are you doing that makes it where you should be followed? My big suggestion here is make sure you’re putting out valuable content. Share videos, do Facebook live that I talked about earlier. Do things that are educational, inspirational, versus a pitch. The video where you’re announcing your brand new company product, some people may be interesting in that, but most people won’t be.

In the below video I share a few more tips to help you and also give you a big warning on what NOT to do on Social Media. IF you want to get better at Social Media Recruiting, I highly suggest you check out my wife’s training that you can watch at no cost on this link and feel free to share this post and that training with your teammates.

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