Odaily morning routinene of the most sacred areas of my development is my daily morning routine.

Today you will learn, in detail, what my morning routine is like and may encourage you to develop one of your own that will grow you.

Do you have a Daily Morning Routine?

There is a good chance that you have a daily morning routine but you don’t even recognize it as we are creatures of habit. It may involve fumbling around for coffee and watching the news or it may be very similar each day without purpose or maybe you get up so close to when you have to leave for work that you are constantly starting your day out with stress and running around like crazy.

I highly encourage you to take the morning beast if you want to become a successful entrepreneur because the morning is more controllable than any other part of your day. Not everyone is up and ringing your phone and you can choose to check emails later, you’ll learn more in this post…

My Morning Routine as Reported from Periscope

We had another great Free Coaching Friday session on my Periscope channel last Friday and one person asked me about my morning routine so I explained in detail. It is true that sometimes I tweak my daily morning routine but it’s been roughly the same for years.

The question is what is my morning routine. I’ll tell you it has altered a little bit because of baby Sabrina. She does command my attention. I underestimated the disruptive force, in a good way, of little baby Sabrina. This little 8-pound girl, commands the house right now. That is for sure. I’m going to share with you a couple of suggestions when it comes to a daily morning routine.

First, it starts before I go to bed. I have in my phone a set of 10, 12 affirmations that I have written down, and I’ve taken a picture of, and I store in a specific photo album in my phone. (NOTE: for more information on creating your affirmations and a glimpse at mine, go here – 30 Daily Affirmations) Before I go to bed, I put my phone in airplane mode, and I read those affirmations before I go to bed just to set the intentions. Most people, they watch the news and it’s talking about the hurricane. It’s talking murder. It’s talking about all this negative stuff. They wonder why they have so many negative things in their life. They go to sleep and the subconscious is focused on murder, death, rape, scandal, politics, all this stuff that has nothing to do with what you actually want in your life.

Instead, I program my subconscious. Your subconscious is so powerful. I program it before I go to sleep and put it on autopilot for however many hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, whatever. With a baby Sabrina, it may be 2 hours. Then when I wake up, before I check email, before I do anything, here’s exactly what I do. I roll over and I read those affirmations again to set the intention for the day.

I rinse my mouth, brush my teeth. I drink lots and lots of water. You should drink tons of water because you’re severely dehydrated. People wonder why they’re not thinking in the morning, and they drink caffeine. The problem is caffeine actually dehydrates you more, so you should drink a ton of water, like 60 ounces of water. Sometimes it’s very hard to do, but I choke down a lot of water. I do that. Right around that time I usually have a green smoothie. My green smoothie consists of celery, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, water, lemon juice, like fresh squeezed lemon, organic lemon juice, ginger root. I you put a little bit of moringa powder. Moringa’s supposed to be really amazing. There’s a place that sells moringa powder right around the corner from me and I get moringa powder. I drink that, get my veggies in.

I’ll tell you, a lot of you people that … and me. I could talk for me. When you suffer from sugar cravings and you suffer from where you feel like you’re hungry, a lot of times it’s a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. That really helps. From there I usually do 30 minutes of walking with an audio book. I listen to an audio book while I walk, pretty fast, around my neighborhood. I don’t jog. I’m not running or anything like that. Not that I discourage that but you can.

I walk around, listen to an audio book. I’m currently finishing up the book 7 Years to 7 Figures by Michael Masterson. I come back and a lot of times I jump in my hot tub and do 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes of just gratitude where I say I’m so grateful for you guys. I’m so grateful for my clients. I’m so grateful for my teammates. I’m so grateful for my wife and baby Sabrina; Baxter and Bella, my two dogs; my mom and my step-dad. I go through a list that I’m grateful for and rock ‘n’ roll.

my morning routine I then usually have something to eat at that point like maybe grass-fed beef or a couple eggs. Then I work on my content creation. I usually pump out a blog video or a blog post depending on if I already had a video created. All of that that I just told you is all before 8:15 AM, all of it. Every single bit of what I just said to you is before 8:15 AM. People may wonder, what time are you getting up? Usually around 7. It’s kind of weird to be honest, because baby Sabrina gets up throughout night, so she keeps us up. I have been officially waking up a little bit later, although I’m getting less sleep.

There you go. Then from there I look at my calendar. Usually I have a couple meetings, sometimes with my team, sometimes with some of my staff members and things of that nature, and there we go. Here are some more resources on daily routines that we’ve created over the years that talk about prospecting others, etc.

Daily Routine to build your MLM

Killer Daily Routine

Detailed Video of my Daily Morning Routine

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