Personal branding tipsThis post will give you 6 of my very best personal branding tips to help you get more business.

With small tweaks, you can create a serious brand for yourself and we hope these help!

Why Bother with a Personal Brand?

Look in your current niche or marketplace. Whether you are in health and wellness, network marketing, online marketing or a chef, who is out there that you look forward to seeing their social media statuses, new videos or fresh blog content?

Do you know why you look forward to them?

Because they have done a good job with their branding strategies to create a trust within you of them AND you associate their personal brand with value in some way, shape or form to you.

Did you know that YOU can create that type of following for yourself?

And if you are in network marketing, yes, the company you are with is the very best and you plan on always be there but no matter what, wherever you go, there you are. YOU are the constant in any endeavor you ever take on, why not stand out and attract people to YOU?

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My 6 Personal Branding Tips

1. Be more aware of your image on Social Media and in any content you create. This does not mean to be stuffy or no fun on social media, be yourself but also be aware of what you are portraying and if that would turn on or off your ideal customer. For example, I can sometimes be bold about what I share on social media because my perfect client is NOT someone who easily gets offended as I actually want to work with people I like to work with.

Now, I can tell you that I used to not pay much attention to the quality of my content production. I am almost embarrassed by this video I found of me from a few years ago about Video Marketing Tips. Clearly I was making my poor wife hold the camera as it is super shaky but the audio also sucks. It is hilarious that the year I created that video was my first million dollar year, not sure how that happened. Keep in mind that video is ON video marketing tips. lol

The great thing about us is we never slowed down to get anything perfect but you CAN have at least some form of thought process on the quality of your content. To me the greatest single tool we have is a personal branded blog. I think anyone who is serious about success in their profession should have their own blog.

2. Be Specific. There are no personal branding gurus out there that would NOT tell you to be specific. This was one of the main points that Peter Montoya, personal branding expert, talked about in my interview with him for our Virtual Summit.

3. Create an association of value with your brand by consistently putting out value. This is where we nailed it. We didn’t have a beautiful site, nor a tripod, perfect lighting or good audio but boy did we pump some content into the marketplace. We created this value association way before we created a good “look”. I am not suggesting to do things as ugly as we did but creating content is KEY in this online world we live in.

4. Engage and interact with those that follow and engage with you. Pretty simple, keep cultivating your best fans and engagers.

5. Before you post on social media or on your blog, think to yourself, is this “on brand”? If you just plant this one seed in your brain, it can really help you. Before you post that pic of where you fell down wasted at a party, just consider if you think it is on brand. =)

6. Invest in yourself to increase the value of YOU and your brand. This is probably the second biggest thing we have always done. I know if I want to make more money, I need to provide more value. If I need to provide more value, I have to invest in people and courses that make me more knowledgeable and then translate that knowledge into action and content that serves my community. My whole Invest, Learn, Teach model is something that simply WORKS if you are wanting to start branding yourself.

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