10 Easy Personal Branding Tips for You

Wanna boost your mojo on social media? These ten personal branding tips may just do the trick!

Meet Tanya Aliza Links

Today’s guest blogger is one of my good friends and a panelist at our upcoming Top Earner Academy. She is also fantastic at teaching personal branding!

Coming from the Finance Industry in Corporate Canada and working 12 hour + days in an Office for 6 years, Tanya found herself longing for more time freedom.

Having no clue where and how that concept would take form in her life, she keep reading and researching for a way to work smarter.
In 2009 after experiencing some very low times in the finance industry and making about 30% less and working 100% more, Network Marketing found her at the exactly the right time!
She has been recognized  as one of her company’s Top Team Builders every quarter since she’s joined, won trips, prizes and is in the Top 15 producers in MLSP. When Tanya isn’t on the phone prospecting or with her team you will find her traveling, surfing and living the Laptop Income Lifestyle.

Top Ten Personal Branding Tips

#1 Brand Your Personal Name

I get asked time and time again about what people should ‘Name’ their Brand and I can’t stress enough that you should Brand YOU! Yes that means Your Name, the one you go by, the one your mom gave you! You are more secure than any company, product or opportunity out there and keep in mind things change but YOU won’t. This is one of those personal branding tips that you have to do even if you have yet to reach your desired goals.

#2 Know Your Target Audience

If you don’t know who you are attracting or marketing too how can you market at all? Everything I do in my marketing, branding and selling revolves around my target audience not me! I don’t pay the bills at my house…..my target audience does! So it’s absolutely 1000% critical for you to know who you’re building your content for, and this includes your Brand!

#3 Be Super Specific with Your Tag Line/Slogan

This is your change to Grab the Undivided Attention of your target audience. You have to ‘Speak their Language’ and you have to ‘Give them the Goods’. Think about why they would want to listen to you or stay on your blog and divulge your juicy content? You have to tell them what they’re going to get and it’s a good idea to include how you’re going to make their life better.

DjdysaaYn8-iEAg5L-96LGB-zNXi8JYQacOEMA7SOwA,tBygdRY4kZcgf3yobKvDy0SpXJuc13mAVy4DrjX-Vck,1O0qAAc6gP5DxOJvgMiyrSg4FqfxEMncXlaOZ7ConPU#4 Have Professional Looking Yet Fun Pictures of YOU!

It’s a good idea to ask a friend to snap some photos of you or get some professionally done, so you can use them in your Branding. This is what catches people’s eye and what makes you stand out from the crowd as a credible figure that people will listen to.

#5 What Do You Want to Be Known For?

Being a ‘Jack of all Trades’ can be the Death of your Brand and what I recommend is having a specialty that you are passionate talking about. Not to mention that having to know EVERYTHING is way too overwhelming! Just pick one or 2 things that you are either good at now, or want to be good at, and become the EXPERT in that Niche! This is another one of those personal branding tips that is a deep one, your brand IS associated with the different products you promote so be picky and don’t just jump at everything!

#6 Your Story! – Be the Expert

One thing that you can be the expert in immediately is YOUR STORY! This is an exceptionally important piece in building your Brand. How can your story relate to your Target Audience? Think of Ray’s Story and how it’s a big part of his overall Brand…… Get your notepad out and start writing!

#7 Be Yourself and Accentuate YOU

When I first started marketing online and building my Brand I thought I had to be all professional and perfect but I soon came to realize that people resonated with me for me and not who I thought I HAD to be. It’s really important to be YOU in your marketing. Not only for you, but for your audience. Share your personal life with your audience so people can see who you are and what you’re about.

#8 Be Consistent

Your Brand isn’t going to be built overnight but with consistent action it will get built faster. I’ll see Ray post a video post almost everyday and then he’ll share it on Facebook, Google + etc and so many people are seeing Ray everywhere all the time…..what do you think this is doing for his Brand? That’s the goal….

#9 Get Out There

This follows the last point about being consistent. Make sure your Brand is Everywhere that your audience hangs out….LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog Etc. The more people can see you in front of them, the more they start to recognize your Brand. (from Ray, some have asked me where I got my social media icons done, we got them from this guy, who is a friend of mine)

#10 Think Long Term

Most of you reading this are no doubt Long Term thinkers because you’re connected to Ray and Jessica and you follow their training. Ray and Jessica are pure examples of Long Term Successful thinkers and if you’re going to build an amazing Brand like these guys have, you have to have the Long Term Vision. Brands are not built overnight but the Entrepreneurs that draw a line in the sand and make it happen not matter what…… Time not being an obstacle that will knock them down…..are going to be the ones that make it BIG with their Brand!

Video to Help Your Personal Branding

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