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Video Marketing Tips to Get More Traffic


This morning I was reviewing a video by one of my teammates and gave her some video marketing tips that will help her get more traffic, this post shares some of that advice.

Simply, How to Get More Traffic

In the business world, versus the cute kitten or funny prank world, if you want to get more traffic, you have to create a message that people want to hear and that solves their problems or uplifts them. In the world of viral video marketing, which I will talk about later, it is NOT about creating the greatest sales video of all time, it’s about helping people and having a call to action to share the message.

My Video Marketing Tips

The below video shares a lot of video marketing tips, several of them on how to actually shoot the video as giving you video marketing tips for a bad video would not do your justice. So, you START with the IDEA for a video, then you shoot the video then you implement solid video marketing advice.

Here are my suggestions on creating better videos and then marketing them:

1. Pay close attention to lighting. You can usually maneuver yourself in ways to avoid paying for lightstands and boxes but only if you pay attention to what lighting works best. For example, I shoot a lot of videos not with my pool and lake to the background but with my sliding doors as my background, which, reflect the lake and pool. This allows me to get away with NOT taking a ton of time to setup lighting.

2. Whether you are a few pounds heavy or really overweight, bend at your waist toward the camera slightly. You may have heard the advice of to square your jaw and stick out your neck a little to the camera which does help prevent giving that double chin look but if you bend toward the camera at the waist, it will accomplish that more naturally without making it look like you are intentionally sticking your neck out weirdly.

3. Have a clear purpose with a clear person in mind before you create the video. Speak exactly to your perfect person that you hope sees your video. For more information, you can check out my article on Target Marketing.

There are more video marketing tips in the below video including the ONE tip that is the HARDEST to implement but perhaps the most important and powerful, watch the video to see what I mean.

Video: How to Make a Video

This video shares how to make a video the best as well as some of my very best video marketing tips.


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