Todd FalconeHere are 6 Network Marketing tips from industry professional Todd Falcone.

Todd Falcone and I have been buds for quite awhile and he always has some incredible things to share.

Who is Todd Falcone?

If you have been in network marketing for ANY length of time you have probably heard of or learned something from this guy. He has been in the profession for 25 years training network marketers all over the world and is one of the best network marketing trainers out there.

Over the Years with Todd

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His 6 Network Marketing Tips to Grow your Business

#1:  More Money Comes when you Focus Less on it.  

If your focus is on making money, you’re not going to make that much.  Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  Here’s why.

When the focus is the money, you aren’t serving people, you’re serving yourself.  It’s simple.  You get paid for ADDING VALUE to the marketplace, not taking things from it.

The concept of extraction…how much can I get from this group, this person, this room, is a “takers” mentality.  The marketplace rewards people who focus on giving value.

The moment you shift your focus from “making money”, to being a person that is there to serve and has something of value to bring people, is the moment you begin to create a profitable venture.

Profits…money, comes through adding value.

So…for network marketers, changing your thought process from “how can I making lots of money?” to “how can I serve people, add value to their lives and provide legitimate solutions to their problems?” is going to put you into a much more profitable position.

The next time you approach someone, think to yourself, “how can I add value or enhance this person’s life through the products and/or opportunity I represent?”

You have a gift to offer people.  Act like it…and your check will soar.

todd falcone scripts#2:  Follow Someone Else’s Lead

Can you imagine if you purchased a McDonald’s franchise and began to sell tacos?  What do you think would happen?

They’d immediately pull your franchise and remove it from your hands.

You’d no longer have a McDonald’s franchise.

You took a proven system, a successful way of doing things, that had very specific processes and procedures, and threw them all out the window.  You’d be fired.

McDonald’s doesn’t sell tacos.  What does that have to do with network marketing?  Everything.

When someone has a way of doing something that works for them, and they’re nice enough to show you exactly how they do it and not hold anything back, you don’t change it.  You leave it AS is.

In other words, you follow the scripts, systems, processes and procedures that have been laid out for you.

This was first evident to me when I was 21, just prior to being exposed to network marketing.  In fact…it was the very first time I was actually taught to use a script…and it was completely unrelated to the network marketing profession.  Little did I know how much I’d be using scripts in the future!

I got a job selling Cable TV door to door…and my mentor Fernando, was the #1 sales person.  The only caveat was that he sold in Spanish…meaning I had to

learn his approach and do it without speaking a word of English.

He wrote me out a script that I memorized word for word.  Fernando and I were the Top 2 sales people literally every single week.  And…we both did it working far less hours than everyone else did.  Most guys would work 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week.  Fernando and I worked for about 3 hours a night, only a few days a week.

My point…my lesson was clear.  If someone is crushing it in what they do and they’re cool enough to teach you, don’t you dare change a thing.  That lesson

has served me well in life.

Too often, people get into network marketing and what to do it “their way”, when they don’t even have a way.  Follow someone else’s lead, use their process, and follow their proven systems and you’ll end up being more successful.

#3:  You can’t predict the size of a Ripple. 

We have no clue how much of an impact our decisions and actions make on others. The “Ripple Effect” of every decision we make is far reaching.

Knowing that we can’t predict or even begin to calculate the potential loss or gain from decisions we make, as the ripple out into the marketplace, we have to STOP and THINK, before we make decisions, knowing that those decisions have consequences, both positive and negative.

All I’m saying here is this.  When you do something, say something, or take any kind of action, it has an impact.  That impact may be more far reaching than you can even comprehend.

Here are a couple of examples.  A distributor happens to catch you smoking outside of your meeting room.  You thought you were hidden around the corner.  You didn’t see them, but they saw you.  You represent a nutritional company and were just on stage preaching about how important it is to take care of your body.  They, as result of what they witnessed, have a shift in thinking about you, and choose to opt out of working your opportunity.  You can’t calculate the potential loss.  That person may have done nothing, or they could have led you to the largest, most profitable leg of business on your team.  Your action, your decision, created a “Ripple Effect.”

Another one.  A new rep you sponsored who has never done network marketing before finally recruits their first person after weeks of trying.  You say nothing.  It was a big deal to them…a huge one in fact, but you didn’t even recognize it.  They…as a result of your lack of action, your decision to NOT say anything, become disgruntled and have a loss in motivation, causing them to ultimately quit the business.  Again…the “Ripple Effect” cannot be calculated.

I could go on and on.  But…it’s not necessary.  Think about your actions.  People are watching your every move.  I’d be thinking “What impact is this decision going to make?”

This shouldn’t scare you into not making decisions or thinking for long periods of time before you do so.  It’s just really important for you to understand the widespread implications of making decisions and taking actions when we work with people every day who are effected by them.

#4:  Take Responsibility for yourself. 

Nobody is going to do this for you, but you.  There isn’t anyone that’s going to take care of you, do it for you, or support you…but you.  It’s easy to point our finger and say it’s our sponsor’s fault, the company’s fault, the system’s fault or any other excuse we can muster.

Bottom line is…it’s your fault.  And…that’s a GOOD thing.  Taking responsibility for your actions, for where you are, and where you’re going is a significant part of self-employment.  Notice the word SELF before employment.  You have to learn to employ you, which is very different than what most of us are accustomed to.

We grow up being told what to do, when we can do things and what our limits and boundaries are.  The employment world…the work world trains us and programs us to have specific expectations around the concept of making money.

Being a self-employed entrepreneur requires a different way of thinking and a mental shift from being someone’s worker, to being the person who is in charge and responsible.

The onus is on you.

One of the best exercises or reality checks you can do to make absolutely sure you’re operating in the right place is to take a little inventory of your actions.

Here’s a few things you can do do make 100% sure you are operating from a position of accountability.

Ask yourself this question.  Would I hire me?

If you asked yourself that question, from the standpoint of you hiring you as the person to get the job done, no matter what it took or how long it took, based on how you’ve been showing up in your network marketing business up until this moment, would you hire you???  Until you can answer “Absolutely YES” without hesitation, you’re not where you need to be.

The second thing you can do is this.  Draw a box.

For the next 30 days, draw a box on a piece of paper at the end of the day and write in the number of new people that day that you engaged in conversation with regarding your product or business.  What’s the number?  Be honest.  This is a very powerful way of figuratively looking in the mirror and getting a reflection back on your activity levels.  Are you actually doing the things you know you need to be doing in order to make money?  Anyone who has been in network marketing for more than a week knows that prospecting, that exposure of your products/services and opportunity is what makes you money.  Without it, you have no business.  So…if you take this exercise seriously and you do it every day, you’ll get immediate feedback and be able to know for certain, whether or not you’re actually showing up.

#5:  Look for Pockets of Activity

You exercise a tremendous amount of control over how your business grows, how big it grows, and how fast it grows.  What you want to be doing is making sure that you’re stepping into your business and taking the kind of actions that help you accelerate that growth.

One of the ways you do that is by attaching yourself to “pockets of activity” in your business.  Instead of just looking at your front-line, personally sponsored people…be sure to look at your ENTIRE organization and look for pockets of activity.

Who is doing?

Who is recruiting?

Who is active?

Who is growing?

Go through your genealogy every month and LOOK FOR those pockets of activity.  If you see someone on your 6th level who has personally recruited 36 people in the past two months, and you don’t know them yet, pick up the phone and call them.  Introduce yourself and offer your assistance.  Those are the places in your business where growth occurs.  Where there is action and activity, there is potential for growth.

Make it HABIT that you look through your genealogy on a regular basis and look for pockets of activity.  It’s easy to do that when there are only five people on your team.  When you start growing a bigger group…it’s a bit more tenuous.

Then…this is what I personally do.  Once I’ve identified someone in the group who is active and building, their name goes on my white board in my office.  I do this to make absolutely sure that I am in regular contact with them and doing everything I can to help them build.

Here’s why I do this.  In most genealogy reports, it’s pretty simple to print out a front line or personally sponsored report.  But…finding people in DEPTH who are beginning to do things isn’t quite as easy to search for and find.  You have to look for it.  And…when you find those people, I don’t want to lose them or forget who they are.  These are the DRIVERS in your legs who require your attention, and who, if you lock arms with them, can help you to massively accelerate the growth of that organization.

Look for pockets.  Attach yourself to burgeoning leaders and doers no matter where they exist within your organization.

#6:  Professionals Practice

Interesting how every top athlete in every sport, the ones who are operating at the very pinnacle of the sport, practice more than everyone else.

Even more interesting is that very few network marketers ever practice anything, yet they wonder why they aren’t doing so well.

Here’s what mostly happens.  Someone gets into our business.  They go through a basic, getting started training.  They write out a list.  They get a script and run through it a few times.  Then…they go do.  That’s it.  The practice ends the moment they do.

Sure…they may attend trainings, learn new things, get into personal development mode, but rarely ever practice.

What if you changed that routine?  Instead of just getting in and doing, you built PRACTICE into your culture.  Your training events…all of them involve practice.

You take time practice your scripts, your presentations and your approaches.  Every training event has opportunities for role-playing and interactive exercises for learning that simulate what will happen in the field.  You practice presentations with good prospects and mean ones.  You practice stage presentations where everything works right and then when nothing does (the lights goes out, the slides don’t work, the AC isn’t working, or a hater in the room).

How then would your people be in the field?  How would you be if you practiced more?

It’s painfully obvious to me.  People who are at the very top of their game practice more than anyone else, which is exactly why they are at the top of their game.

If you want to up your game, practice more…and build it right into your entire culture.

WOW, Did Todd knock it out of the Park?

When Todd sent me over this article I was blown away, hope you got massive value out of it too, if you did, share with your team and comment below a quick thank you to Todd, by the way, if you would like to get your hands on the Todd Falcone scripts that a LOT of networkers use, Click Here.

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