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Hanging Out With Todd Falcone
Back Porch Interview

todd falcone

Yesterday we came to Longboat Key for Eric Worre’s birthday and this is my back porch interview with Todd Falcone.

Fun Times Yesterday!

We were honored that we got invited to Eric Worre’s birthday and got to hang out with David Wood, David Sharpe, Maria Andros, Todd Falcone, Jules Price and a few other awesome people. Todd Falcone is one of my favorite trainers and thought I would ask him some questions for your benefit.

Todd Falcone on Recruiting Professionals Into Your MLM

If you know Todd Falcone, you know he is always talking about recruiting professionals into your MLM. Here I ask him a couple questions in regards to this.

Q: Why Do You Prefer Recruiting Professionals?

A: They are usually easy to talk to, they are used to working hard, they understand commissions and being paid to perform, and they typically have larger centers of influence with their network.

Q: What is the biggest mistake made when network marketers are trying to recruit professionals?

A: The biggest mistake that network marketers make when attempting to recruit professionals is they come across rigid and sounding like a salesperson or someone reading from an MLM script. Todd suggests relax, relax your language and make it less formal. An example is instead of asking “May I please speak to Ben Jones”, asking, “Is Ben There?” One person can perform the same number of dials as another and the one that does NOT sound desperate or salesy will ALWAYS make more sales.

Favorite MLM Scripts for Ice Breakers

One thing I really dig about Todd Falcone is he truly practices what he preaches. I have been with him when he has prospected people at the pool, in a bar, on the plane, etc and he is constantly doing the work. I asked Todd what his favorite ways to initiate a conversation with a stranger was…

Todd says the simplest is look for something they are wearing. It could be a sports shirt, a fancy jacket, hat or cool pair of shoes and start a conversation that way. A conversation may also start by where he meets someone. If they are at a certain restaurant or business function, he might ask them where they heard about the event or place. Establish some rapport by asking them about what they do. He says if you do this, they will turn it around and ask you what you do and in most cases he is going to flip it right back and ask them a clarifying question about their life or business. He says he has yet to meet someone NOT willing to talk more about themselves and they feel good when they are doing this. He is NOT out to speed close anyone, he is looking to create relationships.

Most times Todd says he will grab their business card and follow up with them the next day which is exactly what I suggest in my post called How to Work Networking Events. Here is a sample script you can use when calling back, remember Todd’s suggestions on being calm, comfortable and not so rigid.

“Hey ______, this is _______, we met at _______ last week, I am running with this company and looking for people that are sharp and outgoing like you, do you keep your options open when it comes to making extra money?”

Be OK with a no, know that even with a great approach it is still a numbers game and go forth and prosper! If you want more stuff from Todd Falcone, you can check out his site here.

To Your Abundance!

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