6 MLM Tips from a Cold Market Prospecting Master


Would you like some cold market prospecting training? These 6 tips will help you.

Today we dive deep with master Chris as he shares his network marketing cold market tips.

Should You Bother with Network Marketing Cold Market Strategies?

There are several reasons I can give you why you SHOULD learn cold market prospecting:

1. There are more people you don’t know than you do know.

2. You are out and about ANYWAY, why not attempt to help someone change their lives

3. You WILL recruit people that feel they don’t have a good warm market, being able to teach them cold market prospecting may be the difference between them making it or not making it.

4. Strangers don’t know your resume or history. This is especially helpful for those that may feel their warm market is burnt out.

Keep in mind that even though I fully believe in and support cold market prospecting training that does NOT mean I am against warm market prospecting. I definitely believe that you SHOULD talk to your warm market to at least see if they are open but just don’t be addicted to the outcome that they will join and also don’t seek their acceptance or approval as you will most likely not get either.

6 Tips from Cold Market Prospecting Champion Chris Carroll

I recorded this video the other day with a buddy of mine that is a straight up cold market prospecting champion. He does a lot of network marketing training for his teammates and I have witnessed him recruit strangers right before my eyes. IF you are serious about network marketing cold market strategies, you are going to love this video!

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