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Cold Market Prospecting at the Mall


Want more results or simply to learn cold market prospecting?

Watch this short video as I share EXACTLY how I used cold market prospecting to get someone’s information at the mall.

Cold Market Prospecting ISN’T the Only Way

All kinds of network marketers have all kinds of hangups. Some don’t like home meetings, some don’t like warm market and someone even don’t like cold market prospecting.

I have no such hangups but I also recognize that there are many different ways you can build an empire inside network marketing, just choose whichever way you like best, however, IF you take the time to get good at cold market prospecting and being able to teach it to your team, it might be a very powerful way for you to get a lot of duplication.

I don’t always Prospect Strangers…but I used to

At this point, my wife and I generate 2,000-3,000 leads per month from our different blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. At this point in our marketing, we don’t NEED to do any cold market prospecting but we do, because you just never know when you meet the next rockstar and where that will be. I admittedly don’t talk to every person I come into contact with but when I was in foreclosure and dead broke I sure did.

You have to do what you have to do with where you are.

IF you are in a really bad financial state, I would highly suggest you get uncomfortable and talk to more strangers and really embrace getting good at cold market prospecting, the below video may help and if you really want to dive deep, you can check out my entire home study course on Cold Market Prospecting.

Video: Exactly what I said to the Dude at the Mall

Now here’s the deal, you cannot dictate who will join but no one will join that you don’t talk to and get their information. You SHOULD be able to easily get almost anyone’s information so follow the approach in the above video and you will start getting better results!

Share this with your teammates and anyone else you feel might benefit. Comment below if you get value!

To Your Abundance!

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