Cold Market Prospecting Tips – Recruit More Strangers!

cold market prospecting

Do you want to learn cold market prospecting?

IF you feel that you OR one of your teammates has just ran out of friends and family members to approach, this might help!

Free Training Tonight!

Tonight I am doing a full blown training on Cold Market prospecting at 9pm eastern. You can register here and feel free to share that link with your teammates or friends. We are going to cover some basic but also some more advanced stuff and I think you are going to love it!

Some Keys to Cold Market Prospecting

1. Say less to more people. Stop trying to enroll people on the spot and take a more step by step approach.

2. Don’t put up with their crap. You will most likely not see them again so if they get negative or nasty, thank them for their time and wish them the best. (By the way, you shouldn’t take crap from your friends or family members either.)

3. Don’t be weird. Remember that you too are a member of the human race and have been in communication with other human beings your entire life. Don’t all of a sudden get weird when you are cold market prospecting. Be natural and talk to them the way you would talk to them if you DIDN’T have an opportunity to approach them with.

Why You Should Learn Cold Market Recruiting

Was that helpful? Again, you can register here for the training tonight and I will promise you that if you attend you WILL get better at cold market prospecting.

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PS: IF you have ran out of Friends and Family members to talk to OR you just don’t want to work with them, Learn How to Prospect Your Cold Market Tonight!

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