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Cold Market Prospecting Training

Cold Market Prospecting Training

If you want to get better at Cold Market prospecting, this is definitely going to help you.

Watch the video below, I encourage you to watch in it’s entirety as there are some powerful strategies and tips throughout the entire training.

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What’s Inside this MLM Prospecting Training?

We had a lot of fun last night on the webinar. I covered a LOT and there are some very powerful lessons in here, some on cold market prospecting and others on mindset. I even had a hater on the webinar! Haha, it was great and the cool thing is I taught everyone a powerful lesson from that.

Inside the below video I share cold market prospecting scripts, cold market prospecting tonality and how to come across as super sharp in a 4 second period when you are on the phone. I also teach you the HUGE difference between warm and cold market prospecting that people seem to miss (spoiler: you should NEVER use the same scripts for warm and cold market!)

Video: Full Length Cold Market Prospecting Training

If you were on the webinar last night, leave me a comment below on your biggest takeaway (I’d love to know!)

If you learned something from the above video and would like me to do more on cold market prospecting, please comment and share!

To Your Abundance!

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