Read this post if you want to know why your Network Marketing Recruiting Results suck.

You will learn the four main reasons that prevent you from Network Marketing Success.

One Reason I Left Out…

This post makes the assumption that you are actually prospecting people and talking to others about your product, service or opportunity. If you are simply not talking to people then you have the exact network marketing recruiting results you should have.

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The Four Reasons that ANYONE’S Network Marketing Recruiting Results are Terrible

IF you ARE talking to a lot of people about your product, service or opportunity but not getting any signups, it is due to one or more of these four reasons. Pay attention to these Network Marketing Recruiting tips if you want bigger results on your way to Network Marketing Success.

1. Posture. This might be the most common. Posture means knowing what you have without the need for outside acceptance or approval. Someone arguing with me that my company isn’t legit or doesn’t work or that this industry isn’t legit would be like them arguing to me that electricity doesn’t work. Imagine how anyone would fail if they attempted to convince you that electricity was a scam? It would not go well for them right? Well, you need to have that kind of belief in what you are doing and you need to become unshakeable. You gain this belief by attending events and surrounding yourself with those who have made it happen. Click to Tweet This Tip

2. Being Over-Eager. Imagine going for a job interview and when you walk in they say oh my goodness you would be perfect, when can you start, when can you start? This job is a no brainer and you should definitely act fast to grab your position! You would be pretty weirded out right? You might think there was something wrong and it may cause you to want to do a “little research” right? The best depiction of being over-eager that I am aware of is Chris Farley in the movie Tommy Boy when Chris Farley tells the waitress how he kills sales, good movie, worth the rent (Click to Tweet This Tip)

3. Talking too Much. Similar to posture and being over-eager but does stand out on it’s own. IF you are talking to lots of prospects but just not getting any results with your Network Marketing recruiting, this is probably the case. It is called INVITING not EXPLAINING and certainly not CONVINCING. We invite people to check out our company tool that they can also use if they decide to join, we never explain the whole deal to them without using a company tool. (Click to Tweet This)

4. Not Following Up. This is yet another super common cause of network marketing success prevention. IF you are talking to a lot of people, don’t forget to follow up immediately but also remember to follow up down the road too. You do NOT have to generate brand new leads every single day the rest of your life, MANY people you talk to that tell you no the first time WILL end up joining SOMEONE’S team down the road, might as well be yours right? Today, choose to take a look at some of the leads you have talked to the last 6 months and hit them with a success story of someone in their same occupation, here’s what that looks like:

Sample Network Marketing Recruiting Script

Doctor example (but you could use the same example for ANY profession) – Hey there Dr. ______, we talked awhile back and at that time you were not interested in our opportunity but wanted to reach out to you because I just heard about a Doctor in _______ that has actually now left his practice to do this full time and apparently is loving it. I am not suggesting you would EVER want to leave your practice but I thought maybe you knew some doctors that might at least want to create some additional residual income.

It’s all about the Follow Up (Click to Tweet This)

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