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MLM Recruiting Scripts:
Follow These Steps and Recruit More Reps!

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Want my very best training on MLM recruiting? Master the MLM scripts in this short video and you are on your way to freedom!

Inside this short video I share simple recruiting scripts that will help you and your network marketing business.

Your MLM Recruiting will NEVER take off without this..

You have to master the invite if you want to master MLM recruiting. Yes, I fully believe in learning how to close more and how to overcome objections (for that, you might consider my Top Earner MLM Recruiting Home Study Course) but before that you HAVE to get people to show up or watch a presentation.

Let’s say that again..

You will NOT recruit a lot of reps UNTIL you master the invite. Inside the below video I have a 5 step invite that is really powerful. In less than 6 minutes you will be on your way to MLM recruiting stardom!

What’s my beef with MLM Scripts?

To be honest, I am NOT that big on scripts as I see way too many people abuse them and become repeating androids vs human beings. You will notice that in the video the MLM scripts I use are VERY human and real and don’t sound corny or weird. Pay close attention to step 4 as that is where MOST network marketers blow it.

Also, one thing I forgot to mention is if you cannot proceed past step 2 because your prospect is busy, DO NOT EXPLAIN THE BUSINESS, just let them know you will call them back and that you are busy.

Video: Recruiting Scripts to Help you Crush It

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