Real Root Cause For Calling Your MLM Prospects

I am on a mission to help cure network marketers of their fear of the phone when it comes to mlm prospects. This post and video will help you understand the root cause of your fear and hopefully get past it so you can start connecting in a real way with more of your MLM prospects.

But Ray, I am doing Internet Prospecting!

Ahh, how cute it is when I hear that. Most networkers seem to think that Internet prospecting is magical, automated and does NOT require the phone or a real conversation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Want to know why one marketer is getting signups and you are not? The reason is they are getting on the phone with their MLM prospects and leads. I believe you can build this business online or offline but I do NOT believe you can accomplish building a LASTING income in this industry without the telephone. If you are doing MLM lead generation or Internet prospecting, your time on the phone with human beings will dictate how quickly and IF you make money.

This is gonna hurt..the root cause for fear of the phone with MLM Prospects

This industry is about hope and helping people. Network marketing has allowed many a person (including me) create options in their life where they did NOT think there were any. I am filled with gratitude everytime I think about my sponsor calling me and inviting me to a presentation. He did not know how badly I was struggling or that I was in foreclosure. That call allowed me to completely change my life so thank goodness he did NOT suffer from fear of the phone. The root cause of why people struggle to pick up the phone is they are placing their self image above the possibility of helping others. Ouch right? It is true. When you are more concerned with how you will feel if they say no versus actually trying to help people, you will struggle with picking up the phone. Most people would rather "look good" by NOT looking foolish or possibly getting rejected more than they care about their fellow human. If you are viewing your business opportunity as a "sales job", you will twist in your mind that you are being selfish by trying to get your friends and family onboard when actually it is the complete opposite. You are being selfish when you care too much about possible rejection and losing face vs focusing on the helping of other human beings at a time in our world when it is so badly needed.

Wanna Know How to Fix it? Video on how to get over your phone fear (Warning: This is Hard Hitting and ONLY for Those That Wanna Change)

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