Often times people ask me “How can I get people to listen to me and take me seriously when I’m so young?”

This post will help all young people who want to crush it in the Network Marketing Business.

How Young People Can Grow their Network Marketing Business

There’s a lot of different ways to say this but one of my favorite ways is I heard George Zalucki say this, who’s just an amazing trainer. George Zalucki said, “The thinker thinks, the prover proves.”

What are your predominate thoughts you are actually conjuring up into your life?

If I believe that I’m just unlucky, then that’s going to show up in my life. It really is. It’s something that I really hope you embrace this because I think some people they think that everything that happens in life is just by chance.

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So when you think that you have a handicap then it’s going to be proven constantly.

Now, I can tell you my wife at the age of 21 was doing 10,000 a month Inside Network Marketing, and that’s not from me. Believe me. She built her own position at 21, 10,000 a month Inside Network Marketing. Now, there are lots of people younger than that that make more than that. But if you think that age is a hindrance whether you think you’re too young or too old, that’s going to constantly show up in your reality. You’re going to constantly see that happen to you, and you don’t need to.

Destroying Limited Beliefs

I’ll tell you one thing that really helped my wife because she used to think this way, too, of her youth was a disadvantage when it comes to building a business. We went to a seminar by my buddy Benny Morris. Benny Morris, he had you bring up what is your number one limiting belief about yourself when it comes to building your business, etc.

And her number one limiting belief back then was that her age prevented people from taking her seriously or listening to her.

He taught her to switch that around and instead say, “Youth is power.” Youth is power. I would encourage you that if you are younger, just know that people younger than you have created massive, massive amounts of success.

In fact, if you pick up a entrepreneur magazine or Inc or Forbes or Fortune, we now hear all day long about people under 21 that are millionaires, all day long. It happens all the time.

Now, I definitely wasn’t at 21. I think I was focused mainly on drinking and partying. I wasn’t focused on business even, but I can tell you that Youth is POWER.

If you eliminate that limiting belief, it’ll be amazing what shows up in your life. I highly encourage you to erase that limiting belief, instead embrace the idea that youth is power. Maybe that’s a good affirmation for you to say each day. Maybe it’s you wake up and you say, “Youth is power. Today’s going to be an excellent day.”

Maybe that’s something that you need to put into an incantation where you’re constantly saying it over, and over, and over. You’ll be amazed and shocked at what shows up in your life.

Anytime you have a limiting belief, just look for the proof that proves your limiting belief is just not real.

There’s plenty of proof. My wife would be one of them, but I know a lot of people that are younger that are absolute rock stars Inside Network Marketing or in other businesses.

Presentation & Energy

Know that age it’s really just how you present yourself and the energy that you bring to the marketplace. I remember on my team a few years ago, we had a 78 year old. I didn’t recruit her, somebody else did.

She recruited like crazy. She was in Oahu, in Hawaii. And she recruited six people her first week. 78 years old! I’m not saying that that’s the oldest that I’ve heard but as far as my personal story.

Hopefully that helps you. Get rid of that limiting belief because it’s not just reality. If someone does judge you by your age and doesn’t want to talk to you, then go talk to another person. Not that big a deal.

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