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Why I am Not Prospecting Zeek Rewards Reps

You may have heard that Zeek Rewards has been shut down. The SEC is calling it a $600 million Ponzi Scheme, here’s the CNN article. In this post I will share why I am not “vulturing” on the Zeekler reps and also how to avoid MLM scams.

Marketing I received About Zeek Rewards

Just to clarify, I do not know enough about Zeek Rewards for me to personally say that it is one of the MLM scams (even though the government sure thinks it is). The problem I always had with Zeek was the marketing. When marketing doesn’t pass the smell test, it probably is not a good thing.

I went back through my emails and pulled some of the marketing I have personally received about Zeek Rewards.

1. You don’t ever have to recruit to make money! (This was ALWAYS sent by someone trying to recruit me)

2. All you have to do is post an ad online everyday to make tons of money! (sent to me via email to try to recruit me)

3. This person joined Zeek May 3, 2011. She purchased $500 in bids, then the next month purchased $200 more. So $700 total. She now has $76,258.50. (Honestly folks, does that even make sense?)

Again, this is not a bash of Zeek Rewards, the company, but of their marketing. Who was Zeek trying to attract? In my opinion, all of their marketing was geared at one type of person, someone who wanted to make something for nothing. This is a very attractive marketing message to people that don’t want to actually work, create relationships or provide value. I see some of my fellow marketers targeting fallen Zeek reps which leads me to my main point…


Why I am Not Prospecting Zeekler Reps

Just recently I posted on how to recruit quality people, the main point being to NOT use hype and nonsense to bring people in. Well, when the entire company was based on marketing to the weak, why would I try to gobble them up?

I encourage you, IF you are a network marketer, not a get rich quick schemer, focus on the traits that you actually want in your team. Traits such as:

– Willingness to use the phone (system seeking phone haters rarely win)

– Willingness to learn how to better communicate with people and build relationships (wouldn’t it make sense that your WORTH in NETWORK marketing is based on the number of quality relationships you create?)

– People that evaluate value and compensation, not just compensation (where’s the value?)

So, IF you are targeting Zeek Rewards reps in your latest marketing, ask yourself if you are going after the right type of person for your team? Is someone who copied and pasted ads online for penny auction sites with expectations of making a billion dollars a month your ideal prospect?

If you were a part of Zeek rewards, I apologize if you are offended by this post. It truly is NEVER a good thing when a company gets shut down NOR is it to be celebrated. It sucks that some people got friends into this sort of thing and now have to wear that. I suggest not giving up on this industry though as there are many companies of value out there. I am not bashing your company just stating my marketing opinion. Always be careful of what company and MARKETING MESSAGE you associate your name with. If you build a reputation on being associated with hype-filled marketing, it can be hard to go back and rectify this problem. If something doesn’t smell right, DON’T chase the money. Money (versus relationship or value) chasers just don’t typically make it in this industry. Become someone of value, associate yourself with people and companies of value, work your ass off and you will do well my friends.

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