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MLM Recruiting:
How to Bring in Quality People

This post will help you learn how to bring in quality people to your network marketing business, this applies to online and offline mlm recruiting.

Does Your Team Lack Quality People?

Here are some lines you may have heard before..

“My team isn’t doing anything”

“Sure wish my team would do something”

“I get lots of recruits but they are not duplicating”

Have you ever heard one of more of those lines or even thought them? I believe the NUMBER ONE indicator of IF you will get someone to have success in Network Marketing is the expectations they held when they joined your team.

Most Online MLM Recruiting Turns OFF the Quality People

Let me explain what I mean…If you are an online MLM recruiter and your message is something like this:

“You’ll never have to talk to friends and family, attend or run home or hotel meetings, pick up the phone and your downline will be built for you while you eat pork rinds and watch Oprah”

You probably aren’t attracting quality people, worse yet, you are turning OFF the quality people. In yesterdays post about How to talk to strangers, I mentioned that sometimes I study what the online MLM hypemasters write and write the exact opposite and THAT is why I bring in more quality people than most other marketers.


When MLM Recruiting, Manage Their Expectations!

I’ll get more specific here in a minute but know that when someone joins your MLM team, it is of utmost important to manage their expectation. But let’s go one step farther…set expectations of actions that you would WANT your team to do.

Online MLM Recruiting

If you want to recruit wussies, tell them all the things that will attract them like in the above quoted statement. If you prefer attracting quality people, talk about how, once trained, they SHOULD see if their warm market is open at least. Get on the phone with your MLM prospects before you sponsor them and make sure your MLM is a fit for them as you spend to much time training and supporting them. Know that YOU are qualifying THEM, not the other way around.

Offline MLM Recruiting

Same principles but if someone asks you a wussy question, don’t be afraid to be honest. If they ask “Will I have to talk to people?” Say, you’re darn right you will, how the heck else do you think you will build a business? Qualify people by asking them what their goals are and what they are willing to commit to. Here’s an example:

You: What are your goals with this business?
Prospect: $10,000 a month
You: How much time are you going to put into this to get there?
Prospect: 1 hour a week
You: Do you make $10,000 a month at your job?
Prospect: No
You: How many hours per week do you work there?
Prospect: 50
You: OK, so, I assume you see that it may take you awhile at only 1 hour a week to hit your goal right?

See what I mean? Help them understand their expectations might be improperly aligned so that they don’t work those 4 hours their first month and then quit as they didn’t make $10,000. Be congruent in ALL your communications and NEVER turn off the quality people as they can help you greatly build your empire. Stay tuned, might just release my 7 step MLM recruiting audio tomorrow, it will ONLY go out to my email list, if you are NOT on my email list, enter your name, email and phone number (optional, if you want us to call you) in the form in the upper right.

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