Curious who should participate in Network Marketing and who shouldn’t? This will help but I do believe MOST could benefit and should do it.

In this post you will also get some Network Marketing tips for those already participating or with the desire to.

Why Network Marketing?

In regards to starting a business, it is low cost, low overhead and lower risk than any other way I know how to start a business and it has many leverage points within it. You get to leverage the customer support, shipping department, research and development and training resources on someone else’s dime without you going through the pain of hiring and funding all those positions and learning all those processes.

This does NOT mean I believe everyone should do network marketing, let me explain..

Who Should Consider the Model?

All Sales People.

Yep, you heard me, all sales people. Why? For a few reasons:

1. If you are in sales, there are more people you talk to that DON’T buy your product than do, wouldn’t it be cool to have something you could offer the ones that don’t buy from you that you could make money with?

2. Ever go through a slump in your sales career? Maybe the realtors can resonate with this one. What if you could keep real estate your primary motivation but at least see who around you would be open to an additional income stream. When all your eggs are in one basket, that can be tough at times.

3. MOST sales people get paid per transaction. They make a transaction, they get paid once. Last month’s hero is this months zero. If you are not making residual income from your sales, well, at some age it may not interest you to have to hustle to drum up more business but if you were getting paid over and over for each transaction, wouldn’t that be neat. People ask me what I made my first month in network marketing and that is actually hard to answer because I am STILL making money from people I recruited my first month (over 6 years ago). My guess would be that first month has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars, course that didn’t show up that first month but it keeps showing up years later. IF you are in sales and NOT making any residual income that comes in long after the initial sale is made, just fast forward 20 years and see if you want to still be hustling as hard as you currently are.

4. Sales people aren’t wussies. They get pay for performance and they know coffee is for closers =)

All Small Business Owners

Some of the points for sales people also apply to small business owners and why they should do network marketing too. The biggest reason that I think small business owners should do network marketing is for the free marketing and community support they get. In our team we have our friends Rhonda and Vern Haney that own Haney’s cafe and we get them to cater all our big events we do in our area. I never would have even known about their restaurant if it wasn’t for them joining our team.

When you have a business owner in your team, the team WANTS to support their business. I wonder how many restaurants and other small businesses have gone OUT of business that could have kept their doors open with just a little local support?

Anyone who Hates their Job

How else will you get out of that job unless you create an additional income? Especially if you are low on money to invest in a business, network marketing is probably your best option. You don’t have to stay stuck like a tree in the ground in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Truth about Network Marketing Success

I am NOT saying that the above categories have to switch their focus from their primary thing to network marketing. Snap into the system. Find a mentor that can show you where to point them to the system/fast start/events, etc. You don’t have to go hog wild and burn your bridges or anything like that. My suggestion is to build options. If by staying focused on your primary thing but throwing the network marketing option out there you build a decent side income that rolls in every month, well, wouldn’t that be pretty dang cool?

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Who Shouldn’t Do Network Marketing?

1. People that are wussies. If you are easily affected by other people’s opinion, just stick with whatever you are doing if you are unable to break this addiction to self image.

2. People with unrealistic expectations. You probably didn’t easily hit $10,000 a month in your job or business, don’t expect it here either.

3. People with negative attitudes. Have you ever seen a negative person cross the stage and be grumpy when receiving that big check? Me neither. People want to be around positive people, negative people unless rehabilitated, don’t have a shot at network marketing success.

4. People who know it all. This was me when I started =) I had created success in real estate so I thought I knew it all, and I didn’t. Be willing to be coachable and get advice from someone who has helped a lot of other people.

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