This will share with you a BIG gotcha when it comes to Network Marketing Team Building.

Heed my advice on this and you will be off to the races!

How to Build a Strong Team in Network Marketing

If you want to reap the actual rewards of the Network marketing profession you have to get serious about learning Network Marketing team building NOT just prospecting and recruiting.

There are quite a few suggestions we have when it comes to learning how to build a strong team in Network Marketing, here are a few:

1. See people for who they could be, not for who they are currently.

2. Know that you may have people on your team that never do much but they may just introduce you to your next stud.

3. Attending and getting your teammates to events is the number one way to build the belief of the team and if you do not master this, it is highly unlikely you will ever build a large one.

4. (and I talk in length about this in the below video) You have to follow a system when it comes to network marketing team building or you are just a glorified sales person doomed to never experience the beauty of residual income.

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Wondering my thoughts on Network Marketing team names? I actually covered this the other day in my Network Marketing Podcast.

The BIG Gotcha with Network Marketing Team Building

Curious, ever experience what I talk about in the video? Be sure to comment whether you have been the personality OR you have seen the team struggle with being personality focused. I admit that when I first started I definitely did NOT understand what I share in the above video so I am hoping it helps some people out.

Feel free to share this with your leaders and your teammates to remove any roadblocks from your team growth!

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