What to do if you don’t have much time For Your Network Marketing Business?

In this post I will share how to crush it in network marketing no matter how much time you have on your hands.

What To Do For Your Network Marketing Business

This is a very common obstacle. Most people that join a network marketing business are part-timers. They have a full-time job, or two full-time jobs, and kids, so time is extremely limited. Well, what do you do?

My observation is that some people will use other people’s why they can’t as why they must. Here’s what I can tell you. if I didn’t have much time, if time was extremely scarce and limited to me, that would drive me nuts. I would do whatever amount of work I had to do to fix that.

The question is if you’re very limited on time, if you don’t succeed in network marketing, will it ever get better? The question in probably most scenarios is NO. Your absence of time should be the catalyst that makes you work your eyeballs off if that’s possible. Your absence of time should be the jet fuel that makes you work in extraordinary measures.

Let Absence Of Time Fuel You

I’ll tell you the story of my buddy. My buddy Robert, I haven’t talked to him for a while. So I don’t want to speak present tense because I don’t know what he’s been up to. But when we were working together, he worked for a home builder. This home builder used to have 120 employees. Robert showed me this picture at a Christmas party of a Christmas party one year. He said, “Hey, here’s all, you know, here’s a picture of the full staff.” I’m like, “Oh, okay.” He goes, “Here’s who’s left,” and he circled him and one other person. 118 of the 120 gone, let go, fired, laid off.

What that did to Robert? It had him working 90 hour weeks. Now, 90 hour weeks for most people is tough, right? I would say for almost anyone, is tough. He used that, he used that absolute absence of time as jet fuel to work harder on his network marketing business. Do you know what he did? He would prospect people at gas stations. Any time he needed to fill up his vehicle, he would look for a gas station.

Robert would be driving around. He needs to put gas in a vehicle. He would look for a busy gas station so he could maximize his prospecting. Now, just think about that for a second.  Think about how being so limited on time that you have to prospect people at gas stations. It’s impressive to me. That’s hunger.

Be Hungry For Success

A lot of people, they tell me, “Hey, man. I want to be a top earner. I’m in the same situation as you, Ray. You know, I’m going through tough times. Money’s really tight.” I just ask them, “How many people did you prospect last week?”

Answers that I’ve heard over the years, “Well, I’m waiting on my business cards, bro. I ordered these cool flyers. Um, you know, I got this tri-fold, but it’s not that great, so I’m going to make a little tweak, I’m going to make the car blue, and I’m going to, I’m going to increase the font of my email.” Seriously?

You’re not hungry. You’re wishing upon a star, right? Dreamer. Dreamers are fine, but you’re not actually hungry. The hungry person is the person that look for the busy gas station to freaking prospect people. “. Hey, over there. Yeah, you, you in the Chevy. Hey, what’s up, buddy?”

Can you imagine that scenario? “Hey, I don’t know if you’re open to it or not, but … ” “Hey do you believe in multiple stre-” That’s hungry.

See most people don’t understand hungry. Needy, that’s the opposite end of the spectrum. I need my upline to hold my hand, show me the way, pump me up every single day. That’s the other end of the spectrum. Hungry moves forward relentlessly regardless of obstacles, regardless of time constraints, regardless of the brick walls, regardless of the bricks taken from the brick walls and thrown at them. They move forward relentlessly, regardless, despite, and they do it until. They do it until.

Double Your Efforts

The lack of time is the reason for you to double up your efforts. Get up an hour earlier or stayed up an hour later and fill it with actual prospecting. Which yes, depending on the time zone, you may not be able to call people. Maybe you can only call people in Hawaii, but you could be prospecting people on social media.

Some people, they get a payoff when they bring up their lack. Some people when they say, “I don’t have money. I don’t have time. I don’t have this or that, or this or that,” they’re payoff is attention. They get attention, and people say, “Oh, man. That sucks. Sorry to hear that.” If attention is what you’re after, you’ll be able to get it. You’ll be able to get it.

If RESULTS are what you’re after, if actually changing your circumstances is what you’re after, then you’re going to have to double up your efforts. You’re going to have to get into that next gear. I believe every single human being including myself has another gear. You can switch into another gear and take your life, your business, your mind to a whole other level. And that is where you can get results that you just could never have imagined.

For more on what to do with little time, check out the video below.

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