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In this post I answer some questions from Facebook all around helping you get more traffic and visitors to your site.

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Posted by Ray Higdon on Monday, July 6, 2015

My Website Marketing Strategies

So let’s get your questions answered…

First of all, here are stats for the last two months on this blog that you are reading:

website marketing tools

I included the top four categories that I mainly get traffic from.

The first category is direct, these are most likely people who received an email from me or one of my affiliates. Second is social meaning that traffic came from a Social Media site. Third is referral which means someone clicked a link from outside of Google, such as someone linking to me from their site, etc and last is organic search meaning these are people that found my website on via searching. Now let me answer the few questions that were asked and share my website marketing strategies.

Question #1

email marketing tips

I met Stefan at a real estate event in Saskatchewan that our Diamond client Edna Keep was running. Good question Stefan, here’s my suggested steps:

1. Create content consistently. I have been blogging 5-7 times per week for five years. Putting this much content into the online cosmos is bound to get you some decent traffic if your content is even half good.

2. Constantly be building your list. Notice that my biggest source of traffic is direct, more than double than the second category and that mainly comes from email. We teach a LOT of ways to build your list in our course called the 3 Minute Expert. But the gist is to offer something your target market wants badly enough to trade their email for. Usually the best ways to get leads is to offer some sort of problem solver. For more on that, you might check out my article called 19 Marketing plan templates.

3. Email your List daily. I honestly don’t recall the last day that we didn’t, it has probably been years. Unlike most of the guru’s though, 90% of those emails are to actual value like a blog post NOT direct to a sales page.

Those would be my big three suggestions, we cover every angle of this in the 3 minute expert course but this gives you an idea of what we think it takes. You might also get some value from this article we recently posted – Get More Blog Traffic

Question #2

email marketing tipsAnother great question. For this one we suggest always having a two step process. Most people that suck at selling affiliate products are trying to ram sales pages or capture pages down their social media circles throats as well as their limited email lists.

The very best way to sell more affiliate products is:

1. Build a list of people that appreciate and celebrate you. You do this by providing value (see my answer to Stefan above).

2. Buy the product you are wanting to sell, go through it, and take notes from what you learn.

3. Share what you learned from that product via blog posts, videos, etc and have a call to action for people to go and check out the sales or capture page for the product.

Yes, this makes it a two step process but it is how we have earned over a million dollars in commissions the last few years as affiliates and been in the top 3 affiliates for a LOT of products.

Question #3

website marketing strategies

Well, not sure what you mean by blog launch but assume you mean you started a blog and have so far not gotten much traction. Keep in mind when I started blogging I barely got any leads for the first 6 months. If I were to start over I could certainly make it work faster now but blogs are a long term asset and the best of all website marketing strategies you could possibly employ but they aren’t typically super fast at getting traction. I would worry less about a launch redo and worry more about continuing to provide great daily content.

Question #4 and #5

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 6.49.07 AM

I put these together as they are pretty similar.

If you want to know how to get started blogging and having content, you have two options:

1. The Free route. You can Google around for answers on how to create content, write blogs, setup blogs, etc. There is some good information out there but the articles are typically incomplete and disjointed.

2. Get a quality course that shows you step by step how to do it. It is because of questions like these that we created our course (The 3 Minute Expert).

Here are some basic get started suggestions though:

1. Get Website Hosting, We suggest Bluehost for those starting out.

2. Get your email platform started, Aweber is very popular.

3. Pick your niche and start creating!

How did I do?

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