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How to do PPC with Google Image Ads

Last week I was in the No Excuses Summit in Vegas (if you missed my review, you can check it out here) and I got the extreme pleasure to meet Ryan Dunn and Steve Schuitt of MLM Biz Builder. These guys are AWESOME! Very young and sharp dudes that have been working together for quite a long time and their mission is to decrease the failure rate of network marketers worldwide by providing real world education and strategies. I twisted their arm and got them to share a killer marketing tip for us, how to do PPC with Google Image Ads.

What Are Google Image Ads?

Google Image Ads are alternatives to text ads that you can use in adwords to drive paid traffic. So, instead of having a great text ad, you use an image. Google Image Ads are used in the google content network and in this video Ryan and Steve lay it out step by step on how you can get massive traffic, results and a great return on investment by doing google image ads the right way.

OK, this is really funny, I just upgraded my Macbook pro and apparently it reset my screen capture software to a demo version, so, it appears that you will see “screenflow demo” across the screen the whole time, sorry about that, it has not been corrected but this video is too good to not share with you all

Seriously, wasn’t that video freaking awesome, well, besides the goofy screenflow demo text? I am so impressed when I find leaders that are willing to give you the real deal and not some theoretical nonsense that worked 11 years ago. If you watched that video you now know exactly how to do google image ads the right way and just how powerful image advertising can be.

Now, in the video, Ryan and Steve talked about their upcoming event. With Jeffrey Coombs, Jonathan Budd (owner of Online MLM Mastermind), David Schwind and of course Ryan and Steve, this is a really powerful event. I would highly suggest you check it out and get your butt there if you are serious about your online marketing. To find out more info, go here – MLM Biz Builder San Diego Event

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