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[VIDEO] How to Be More Motivated


Would you like to learn how to be more motivated?

Inside today’s post I share 5 simple strategies that will get you Moooving!

5 Simple Ways to Get Motivated (with a Bonus)

In the below video I share 5 simple ways on how to be more motivated and less lazy. If you want to start getting much bigger results in your life which will lead to more happiness and will actually make you feel better, make sure you watch the short video below sharing with you those 5 simple ways.

Motivational Quotes (feel free to share)



Why Do People Struggle with Motivation?

You will hear traditional trainers tell you that you must have a why, “ya gotta have a why that makes ya cry” and things similar, the problem is that has been being said since the 50’s so where’s the beef? This is a post I did on “Vision vs Why” that might help you out. I have found that you need a vision for who you want to become IF you wish to truly STAY motivated.

[VIDEO] 5 Ways on How to Be More Motivated

Couple More Resources on How to Get Motivated

Did some research last night to locate some more resources on how to be more motivated for you. Here are a few WikiHow (how to be more motivated), ZenHabits (16 ways on how to be more motivated) and My own blog post – MLM Tips and How to Get Motivated. Hope they help!

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