MLM Tips: How to Create a Vision

how to create a vision

Most people look for all the standard MLM tips on recruiting, daily routine, prospecting, etc, What is WAY more important is how to create a vision.

Watch this short video on how to create a vision and create success in your mind BEFORE you actually have it!

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Is this like your Why?

Like I explain in the below video, a vision is much bigger than a why. A why is typically external, like, spend more time with kids, retire your spouse, buy your Mom a home, take family on a vacation, etc. Those are ALL awesome things no doubt, when you learn how to create a vision, you learn the INTERNAL game that will drive you to do the stuff you know you should be doing but haven’t been doing.

For example, unless you have created a following and are getting massive leads (we are actually going to teach that Thursday night) then you KNOW to accomplish that why you have you need to be talking to more people about your opportunity. So why don’t you? It’s because you haven’t created a vision of yourself that is so real and emotional that it will pull you to do the things you don’t want to do.

Video: How to Create a Vision

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