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90 Day Blitz and
Off Line Prospecting

This is a cool video, I didn’t intend for it to be on off line prospecting but when I heard my friend Patrick, I just had to catch him on video. You will see some cool footage of us 90 day blitzing in Sacramento and hear from my man Patrick who may be the boldest MLM prospector I have ever met.

Us and 90 Day Blitz in Sacramento

My wife and I just spent three days in Sacramento with one of our best teams. You may have heard that my team and I have been doing a 90 day blitz, really upping the intensity and condensing time, well, it was a whirlwind in California this past three days and I caught some of it on tape!

Five one on ones, ten three way calls and a hotel opportunity meeting and training on Tuesday alone, we rocked it from 5am to 1:30am and we were exhausted. By the way, depending on when you read this, you may still be able to catch my interview with “Diamond Dave” who I stayed with while out there on the Home Business Radio Network, make sure you check the schedule on when my show is.

Meet the King of Off Line Prospecting

Had the great fortune of hanging with my guy Patrick Anderson who I crown the king of off line prospecting. This guy goes door to door to doctor offices, and just last week enrolled an eye doctor! He also goes to car lots and shows plans to salesman, and, in the below video he shares his exact script he uses for doctors and car salesmen!

Video: Offline Prospecting and the Blitz

In this video, you are going to first see me and my buddy Dave driving around talking about meeting with people and then hearing from us afterwards.

Then, about minute three I start interviewing Patrick Anderson, he shares:

– How he approaches doctor offices and car lots

– What scripts he uses to get people to actually sign up

Then after Patrick the video ends with me training a good sized group in Sacramento on the 90 day blitz and what has me fired up. I think you will really enjoy this video, I didn’t intend for it to have so much about off line prospecting but the content was just too good to not capture. If you want to know my exact way that I prospect, be sure to grab my 7 step MLM recruiting formula before I take it down, you can download it by following the instructions here.


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