If you are thinking of going Full Time in Network Marketing, this is what you need to know before making the switch.

Here I share the EXACTLY what you should do BEFORE you commit to Full Time.

The Honest Truth

It’s NOT abundance of time that will dictate your success inside of network marketing. It’s the management of that time.

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It’s just what I’ve seen over and over and over. I’ve seen way too many people quit their job too soon.

Loss of Duplication

When you quit your job and you’re now a full time network marketer, there are going to be people that feel like they can’t do what you do.

You think that, ‘Wow, they’re going to be so impressed.’

Unfortunately, you’re going to have more people say, “Oh, you’re full time? Oh yeah I can’t do that. I mean if I was full time I could build it. But, I still have a job. I got to keep my job.”

Now they’re using it as an excuse.

You lose a percentage of the perception of duplication when you’re a full time network marketer.

Should I Stay?

If you have to ask the question of, “Should I leave or should I not?”

Then you probably should stay.

I would much rather you have a steady income until you really are crushing it.

Wait until it’s costing you money to go to that job rather than working your business. Because, one of the worst things is leaving a job too soon and then trying to go back.

That’s not good for the soul. It’s not good for the entrepreneur. It’s just not good.

Cling onto that job as long as you can. If it’s just horrible, then maybe get a different job or something along those lines. But don’t leave that job too soon.

Suggestions If You Want To Go Full Time:

If you want to go full time, I would suggest you focus on one skill.

In the video below I share the one skill you will need to master if you want to crush it and go full time.

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