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Tips For You to Increase Blog Traffic
Using Free Methods (Part 3)

This is final blog of a three part series. You can access the other parts here – Increase Blog Traffic Part 1, and Increase Blog Traffic Part 2. This final post, I am going to share some things not typically talked about in the traffic arena but will serve you better than any fancy wordpress plugin or keyword searching tool. The advice in this post will assuredly increase blog traffic but it will do so much more than just that.

What They Won’t Tell You In Regards to How to Increase Blog Traffic

This advice is NOT what most of you are hoping to hear in a “Increase Blog Traffic” blogpost, but, it is what you need to hear and will serve you longterm better than any other advice. The advice is, spend more time prospecting than studying.

Go beyond just knowing things that other people want to know, start being someone that others want to be. Instead of only trying to intercept strategic keyword searches to increase blog traffic, have people type your name into Google to search you out. How can you do that? Succeed. If you are in a homebased business, try to reach a new rank, help another person make their first check or win that company contest. People ultimately want to hear about results, not just education.

Prospecting to increase blog traffic? Sounds weird

Prospecting is what makes the fastest money in marketing or in a homebased business. If you sell consulting services, instead of just hoping to intercept traffic, go prospect some potential clients. What happens is you will make quicker money, meet interesting people, become someone that more people want to know about AND you will get plenty of ammo for your blog, which, will make your blog topics more interesting and personal than if you were just doing book reviews.

If you are building a network marketing business opportunity, start prospecting more to increase blog traffic. To reach the high levels of a company, you HAVE to prospect and IF you prospect you will hit the high ranks and people will want to search you out to see what you are doing and to find out more information about you.

I have been blessed to do way more prospecting than studying and that is how I have reached the #1 income earner spot in my company, but, let me tell you, from talking with the other top earners in my company, they get sought out all the time from prospects that have found out they were a top earner. See how that works? If you perform, people will naturally want to seek you out too.

Better, More Real Topics = You will Increase Blog Traffic

If you are prospecting more, you will get in the heads of the people out there. What are their objections? What do they want? Why did people join your homebased business? What did you say wrong? Right? All of these can lead you to topic goldmines for blog ideas.

I don’t EVER want to be known as a blogger or video marketer. I am a network marketer. I want to be known as a performer, a leader, and a top earner. I use blogging, video marketing and the Internet as tools but that is NOT all I am. I look at the people in my industry that have high trafficked blogs, people like David Wood, Katie Freiling, Eric Worre, Randy Gage, or Todd Falcone, they had major success in their industry, THEN developed major traffic blogs. Most people right now are trying to skip that step, the step of being in the nitty gritty, prospecting battlefield.

Should I not blog until I succeed?

I am not saying that at all. I think having a blog is a great thing to start when you are brand new, just don’t lose sight of what it takes to succeed and remember, this blog is about how to increase blog traffic, my suggestion is, if you attack your opportunity, become successful at it, your blog topics will be much better and it will be impossible NOT to increase blog traffic…and the side effect is you will also be making a whole lot more money!

Ideas? What are some other series you would like to see me write?

Comment below on what other series you think would help you in your career, I am always interested to hear your feedback and hear new ideas =)

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