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MLM Leadership:
How to Build a Team

If you really want residual income and freedom in your life, you need to learn how to build a team, this post will share with you three critical elements of MLM Leadership.

Don’t Have a Team Yet?

If you do not have a team yet, you may consider improving your MLM recruiting by visiting my blog post where you can download my 7 Step MLM Recruiting Audio.

3 Ingredients on How to Build a Team

Yesterday I had breakfast with a couple guys in Sacramento, one of which is named Zack and he is a commentator on Fox, MSNBC and is one of the 20 commodities traders in the world picked for exclusive discussion panels on the economy and where people should be investing. Really cool dude and he informed me that if I talk about this concept I had to give him credit, so, thanks Zack!

You want to do three things to empower and inspire people when building a team, they need to feel challenged, they need to feel appreciated and they need to feel like they are part of a winning team.

Challenge – You want to demonstrate things to help get your MLM team out of their comfort zone. Recently I announced a 90 day blitz with my team and have seen people step up in ways they never thought possible. Monday we had one of the top three recruiting days in our company’s three year history and it’s all from the team being challenged to a) qualify for the national expansion team, b) win the cruise incentive and c) follow their commitment to the 90 day blitz.

Appreciate – People are rarely recognized or celebrated. A huge key on how to build a team is making sure people get recognized and feel appreciated. You can do this on team calls, company calls, through your emails, on social media, etc. As a matter of fact I just want to recognize two people in my team that have really been stepping it up.

VaNessa Duplessie out of Washington has been crushing it lately and won our 7 day cruise incentive in ONE DAY! Proud of you!

Jeff Carlson in Orange County had a home meeting where he recruited 4 out of the 5 people that attended and is well on his way to getting qualified for out National Expansion team, way to go bro!

Be Part of a Winning Team – This is crucial. A lot of times in network marketing someone is recruited only to never hear from their sponsor ever again and they feel like they are on a little island. Make sure you have some form of either local or online group that people can plug into and get their questions answered and also see others having success and how they are doing it. My team has many local teams all over the world but we have one united facebook group where we can all hang out and chat back and forth. If you have a team, creating an online group or snapping them into an existing group could greatly increase your retention and duplication.

How to Build a Team With Each Recruit

1. If you are not recruiting at least two people per month, get my 7 step MLM recruiting formula.

2. Before you recruit someone, hear their expectations. What are they willing to do and how quickly do they want to reach their goals and manage them accordingly. Number one reason people quit is they are brought in with false expectations.

3. Once they are in, help them with a micro goal. It could be recruiting their first two people or getting their first customer, whatever, give them a small thing to focus on, don’t have them focus on hitting the top rank at first, get them to focus on the very first thing they should focus on.

4. Understand that no one has 100% duplication. You are going to want the success of others more than they want it for themselves. You want to serve the hungry and coachable and be there for when the others decide to step up, if they ever do. You can’t beat yourself up for the ones not willing to take the actions needed to succeed, you can only know that it is possible for them whenever they decide.

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