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“It’s a Holiday”

When I talk to people that indicate they want to change their life, I usually find how unwilling they are to ACTUALLY change their life. They want the financial abundance and freedom of time that they see websites, books and audio CD’s talk about but they want to achieve that without them changing a damn thing about their life.

You cannot become what you want to be by staying who you are. We are about to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, which, is a great time to spend time with family and friends. It is also a fantastic time to plant some seeds about your business. This does NOT mean running a formal business presentation at your family BBQ but it does mean listening for opportunities to do some simple inviting. Let me give you some clues to help you put on your “Listening Ears” (Like Judge Judy says).

Pay attention to what whoever around you is saying about their situation. When you hear them complain about their job, income or something that is related to what your network marketing company is. For example, if you deal in health and wellness products, you might want to listen for people talking about health issues. In my example, my company deals with gold and silver assets so I listen to people talking about the economy and the need to make more money.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN HIT THEM OVER THE HEAD WITH YOUR OPPORTUNITY! I have to say that as I know people that have not been properly trained have already lost their friends and family members due to their complete lack of smoothness with talking about an opportunity. I cannot stress this enough. Do not, do not, talk about your opportunity more than 2 minutes. Let me give you some sample ways to bring it up:

Prospect (friend, family member, neighbor, etc): Man this market is really killing me.

You: Really, how so?

Prospect: Things have really slowed down for us

You: Well, this happened to me too, now, this totally may not be your thing but I am generating a side income with a company, I don’t wanna get into talking about it during the holiday weekend but I can send you some information (or, if you have come prepared with your company’s presentation on DVD, tell them you will give them a brief DVD that explains how to make extra money)

Prospect: Well, tell me about it, what is it about?

You: I really ap0logize, lets talk early next week, c’mon, lets just hang out for now and worry about conquering the world later!

Now, that is just an example, it is not intended to be an exact script but the point you should derive from it is you want to build curiosity. Now, when doing this you HAVE to follow up, they will not. Do not ask them to follow up with you because they will not. If you do hand them a DVD, be sure to find out when they will actually watch it. I actually did a training on this for my teammates that you can watch here and adapt to your company.

The more people you plant seeds with, the more people you actually talk to, the more will eyeballs you get on your company presentation, the more you will build your business and get to that financial level you wish. When you launch into a presentation with every person you encounter, that gets tiring and you turn something that can be fun, into work. Become a master inviter (yes, even on the holiday weekend) and you will become a master earner in your network marketing company!

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