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Easiest Way To Build Numis Network?

Last night we had a KICK BUTT training in Orlando for Numis Network. Jake Kevorkian, one of the founders of Numis Network taught how he became the top income earner in his previous company. On a side note, isn’t it cool that we have founders that have also actually been in our shoes? Let me just say, Jake is the man. He built Network Marketing before there were cell phones, the Internet or even electricity! OK, maybe not that last one but the first two were accurate!

Jake shared this amazing training with us in Orlando and it was awesome, simple, but awesome. With the tools you have available to any rep right now, you can build a serious business working this extremely part time and with very little effort. Jake’s training? Bring 2 newsletters and 2 DVD’s with you when you leave your house every morning and by the time you get back home, make sure you have given those two DVD/Newsletter combo’s away to someone! That’s it!

Jake used to pass out 10-15 VCR tapes each day for his prior business. Some of you may not know what a VCR tape is so I have included a picture for you. The video below details what you can say and who you approach. Jake suggests that if you really want to build your business, go and hand these out to the busiest and wealthiest people you know. Those making less than $25,000 a year are probably (not always) not the right type of person to talk to about the business. You should certainly talk to everyone but usually the people with the biggest bank accounts also have the most open minds (interesting how that works huh?).

Then, Jake dropped a BOMB on us. Listen to this story about when Jake was 23 and trying to build his network marketing company. Jake and his Father (RIP Butch) were watching ESPN and the former coach of the University of Texas had announced that he was going to resign and retire as a coach. So Jake’s father suggested he get in touch with him about his business. So he did. After countless hours of calling the school, talking to facility members and finally Coach Akers assistant, he gets on the phone with Mr Fred Akers. Jake simply told him that he was a big fan, had heard he was retiring and he had a video tape of a business opportunity that he thought he might be interested in. Fred said go ahead and send it and Jake did. Jake then followed up with him, got him on the phone with a top income earner and Fred joined his business! Not just that, Mr Akers made Jake over $30,000 over the next 12 months. Jake swung for the fences and it worked out amazingly!

Will You Swing For The Fences?


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