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What is the best way to create content?

In this training I will share the best ways to put out content for your audience.

The Best Way To Create Content For Your Audience

When it comes to creating content, should you be doing Facebook lives, recorded videos, or articles? What is the BEST way to get content out?

Well, I don’t want to just tell you the easy route if the easy route isn’t the smartest route long term.

Right now it’s really popular for trainers in our profession and trainers in internet marketing to say, “Facebook live, Facebook live, Facebook live.”

Well, Facebook live is the best option short-term. It is the worst option long-term.

Does that mean I’m bashing Facebook lives? Of course not.

We do them every day.

I like Facebook lives short-term. But, I hate them long-term.

Here’s how you know that this is true. When’s the last time you got a comment on a three-week old Facebook live?

Would that be never? Maybe you’re driving ads to it. Okay, so you got to pay to play to get a comment on a three-week old Facebook live. Not very attractive.

Now, I’ll tell you, last month we had 40,000 new people hit our blog. 40,000 last month new people, not total. We have well over 100,000 people hit our blog every month. Over half of that traffic was two blog posts that were over six months old. Think about that for a second.

What are you doing that you did more than six months ago that is getting thousands of views on? Probably not much, unless you have a long-term strategy around content.

I’m not saying that every single person in network marketing, or every single person anywhere has to like create a blog, a podcast, and all these different things. But I’m telling you, if you’re a long-term thinker, I would have a better long-term strategy than just Facebook live.

The Best Strategy For Content

In the video down below, I explain more about what would be the BEST strategy for YOU to use when putting out content.

Did you find that helpful?

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