Brand YourselfCan you brand yourself even if you haven’t accomplished much yet? Should you?

Today’s show shares my thoughts on that and what to do from here.

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Brand Yourself Now or AFTER you Succeed?

Often, we’re teaching people just like you how to brand yourself, and sometimes our clients actually become better branded than much, much higher earners in their company. Sometimes that causes strife. Sometimes the top earners in that company that aren’t as well branded, they look at the person in their team and it’s like “well why are they better branded than me?”

Well, here’s the reality. Wherever you go, there you are. No matter what company you’re in, you’re going to be an element of that company. The importance of you learning how to brand yourself is so critical, it’s so important because what branding yourself does is it allows you to create a base level of success no matter where you go. Let me tell you, if I waited to brand myself before I became successful, well, then I would have missed out on a whole lot. I started shooting videos and I started blogging from a house that I was in personal foreclosure in, and I had failed in 11 different companies. Now, that isn’t the recipe. If you’re on here and your like, oh, I’ve only failed in 9, darn it, right? Two more. No, that’s not the recipe. That’s just what my current … That’s what my obstacles and circumstances were back then.

Focusing on your resume is not a smart thing to do when it comes to branding yourself. Now, if you have a mega-resume, then use it. For example, one of our coaching clients Luciano, he’s got a team of 100,000 people, he should use that. One of our coaching clients Robert Hollis, he’s generated 50 million dollars in network marketing, he should use that. I’m not saying if you have an impressive resume to not use it in your branding, you should, but to have it as your only weapon is not smart at all. You need to focus on one thing and you can focus on this one thing regardless of your current results, regardless of your current rank, regardless of how many times you’ve failed or how many times you’ve succeeded. The one thing is value. Focus on value. Who is it that you want to attract, and what is it that can help them? How do you solve the problems of the people you want to attract? That is what’s most important.

When I was dead broke, in foreclosure, being chased by bill collectors, had failed in 11 different companies, I started creating videos that taught. Videos that educated. Now, I didn’t start off my videos with “Hey, Ray Higdon speaking to you from my house in foreclosure,” right?

Start with value. Focus on how can you make a difference in someone else’s life. How can you help them solve a problem, how can you help them achieve a goal, how can you help them move to the next step of whatever it is that they’re after? What do they struggle with, how can you help them out? You don’t have to have an impressive resume to help other people. That is what I really consider branding.

In the below video I dive much deeper into how to brand yourself and how to create content that attracts people to you even before you have any success to speak of, here are some additional resources that may also help you:

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