Coming out of Retirement…

This will most likely come as a shock to you and we never planned it but we cannot keep this to ourselves.

Jess and I are fired up to talk about a new MLM that is going to change the world!

Hear me Out…

Just last month my wife and I announced that we retired from actively building a network marketing business. We fully planned on just focusing on our coaching and training business that serves the profession as a whole, teaching and training top earners and future top earners in all the different companies and doing keynotes at company events but God had a different plan!

Last week I got a strange call from someone I didn’t even know named Jerry that told me he had just found out about a ground-floor, billion dollar opportunity with no competition and naturally I was very interested to hear more.

I have a real simple question for you…

Have you heard of the Magna Zooper tree?

If you answered no then this might be a great opportunity for you as it proves it is still early on enough to locate people who also haven’t heard of it.

The Magna Zooper tree, as Jerry explained to me, is THE most powerful tree ever created and produces leaves, berries, fruit and even a form of nut that can cure all types of diseases. Here are some of the quick highlights:

– One leaf from the Magna Zooper tree contains 11.7 million times more potassium than a 50 gallon barrel of bananas

– The Magna Zooper berry contains 7.6 billion times more beta carotene than 3 five gallon buckets of carrots

– The Zoopie nut (seeds of the Magna Zooper tree) contains 1,100 times more protein than six pounds of tofu (and they taste great in a chimichurri sauce)

– The ZoopFruit has an unheralded ORAC score of 57.9 trillion making blueberries look like heavily salted pork rinds

Don’t Act Like  you’re Not Impressed

Maybe you are saying “Well Ray that SOUNDS amazing but what can the Magna Zooper tree do for me??

Here are just a handful of the applications and uses of the Magna Zooper tree and it’s offspring:

– The leaves can be ground into a paste that when crushed and boiled can be used as a highly effective face mask that doesn’t just reduce wrinkles, crows feet or other blemishes, it eliminates all of them (including all hair so use sparingly at first)

– The ZoopFruit can be ingested, blended, inhaled, or even smoked to increase energy levels and reduce the appearance of despair.

– The seeds of the Magna Zooper can be tossed into dirty lakes and within 7-8 minutes (depends on size of lake of course), the seeds will absorb any impurities and convert the lake water into 8.9 alkaline crystal clear water (this could make a serious impact on golf courses)

Get Paid to Save Lives

Here’s how you know if YOU should join us in spreading the word about MZ

– Do you like kids? Would you want the majority of kids in the world to be healthy?

– Would you like to prevent small animals from starving?

– Do you think babies should be happier, at least, more than they are sad?

If you answered no to any of those questions I would suggest against starting with the platinum package ($57,080 USD) and instead starting out at the “I would like to learn more” package that is a reasonable $5,608 startup investment (investment in the future of the planet, this is NOT a cost!)

If you answered YES to those thought provoking questions then according to several studies we did at local malls you are the next superstar we are looking for! Be sure to wire your funds into our offshore banking account immediately!


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