Are you a little frustrated with the growth of your Network Marketing Team?

This post will share some true tips to growing your team larger, feel free to share!

Had a Blast at the Platinum Edge Conference!

Yesterday my wife and I spoke at the Platinum Edge conference for John and Christine Dwyer. Christine is the number one earner in Beachbody and she had a great crowd and some all-star speakers including Mari Smith. In my talk I shared some of the tips I will be sharing with you here today.

Growing your Network Marketing Team

Some people come into the network marketing profession and they are looking for what is the bare minimum they need to do to create success. This, to my knowledge, is the only industry that experiences this.

I have heard a lot of people enter this profession and ask a question like “How many do I have to recruit?”

In any other profession, that question would never come up. No one wanting to have success as a doctor asks “How many patients do I need to treat?”, no one starting a pizza restaurant asks “How many pizzas do I need to sell?” and no one wanting success as an attorney asks “How many clients do I have to defend?”

The reason is they see what they are going to do as a profession or business that is to continue on, not something they plan on putting the minimum effort into with the expectation of massive/ridiculous returns.

IF you start seeing your network marketing efforts as a career, AND you believe in your product, service or opportunity, why would you ever cap how many people you can benefit/help?

Step one of growing a large team is embracing the fact that you SHOULD continue to bring in customers and recruit others. Instead of wishing and hoping your existing network marketing team would step up their efforts, step up YOUR efforts and become an inspiration to them. Show them how it is done by prospecting more and enrolling more customers continuously. If this sounds like hard work, it is, but about anything WORTH pursuing is.

Here are some additional tips for growing your network marketing team:

  1. IF you have been stagnant at a certain rank for a while, the team that got you here probably won’t get you there. You are going to have to bring in some new blood for you to achieve that next rank most likely. Instead of attempting to write persuasive and motivating speeches, go recruit more people or bring in more customers.
  2. The best thing you can do for your existing team, is to build a new one. Show them what you wish they would do and be of massive action when it comes to exposing more people to what you have.
  3. Have a goal of working with new people that your existing team has never heard of or met reach new ranks. When the existing team sees you congratulating new people for hitting ranks, this will wake some of them up (the right ones) that you aren’t sitting around waiting for them to blossom and that you are planting more seeds and working with those who want to work regardless of their “tenure” in the team.

There you go. I am sure some of those tips may not be what you WANT to hear but if you are serious about having a huge network marketing team, you need to hear them.

Share these around if you got value and here’s some additional training that may also help you:

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Again, share this around if you got value and let’s make it a great week!

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