network marketing tipsToday we have our best network marketing tips to help you better deal with demanding teammates.

You teach people how to treat you, let us help you create a better life and team with these powerful tips.

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Network Marketing Tips and Demanding Teammates

Here’s something that you need to understand is, you teach people how to treat you.

If I have someone who’s a customer or a teammate and they’re being unreasonably demanding, and notice I said “unreasonable,” if they’re being unreasonably demanding, I correct that right away, kind of like a chiropractor, how they fix the posture of you, they crack you into shape. If someone is demanding, a customer or a teammate, if they’re demanding of me, then I’m going to correct that right away.

Here’s why that’s important. If you allow them to be negative and nasty and demanding to you, then they, pay attention, they are going to struggle to get their own customers and teammates, because they don’t want to be treated like they treat you. (you may want to read that again)

They don’t know that the reason they don’t have a lot of customers and teammates is because they treat the people they buy from and the people that they join like crap, and they subconsciously don’t ever want to be treated that way, they don’t know that. You have to educate them.

If someone’s being demanding, overly, unreasonably demanding to you and they’re a customer or a teammate, you need to correct that and say, “Hey, listen. Right now you’re asking for this, this and this, and I just want to let you know that typically,” a very powerful word, “typically, we don’t do it that way. Here’s how we actually do it. Here’s our system of doing it, and the reason we do it this way is because,” another powerful word, “is because it allows us for more duplication, it allows us to do the system.”

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