network marketing tipsOne of the most important network marketing tips I can share with you is the very first step toward success.

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Network Marketing Tips on Success

The question I was asked on our Periscope channel was, what came first? Your success or your morning routine.

It’s a great question. I would kind of guess that most people would guess my answer, but it’s important for people to hear. That’s why I took the question. Absolutely, my routine.

I was so consistent prospecting, marketing, studying, affirming, all these terms. I was so consistent for months, and months, and months before I created any level of success.

That’s something that you need to understand. You need to understand that success, money is a result from your prior actions.

A lot of people come on and they’re like, “How do I make more money?” The question really should be, “How do I take different actions? How do I have different habits?”

If you want to know, “How good are my habits right now?” Look at your results. Because your results came because of your habits. If you don’t have good relationships, if you don’t have money in the bank, if you don’t have bills paid on time, that means your habits aren’t great. That’s what it means.

You need to understand that comes before the results. That should help you. Because it’s very frustrating to think, “Boy, I wish I knew how to make money.” Your actions are what will bring the money to you.

If you don’t have a good morning routine, feel free to check out the below posts on things I do that have helped me create success.

My Morning Routine

[PICTURES] My Morning routine

The First Step To Success and some Network Marketing Tips

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