network marketing tipsWhen approaching a prospect, should you lead with the product or the business?

Here are some network marketing tips to help you recruit more reps and crush it in your business.

Network Marketing Tips: Do You Lead With The Product Or The Business?

I know that trainers over the years taught lead with business, business, business. In my opinion, it is more duplicatable to lead with a product.

Percentage-wise it is more duplicatable to lead with a product.

The reason for that is, think about what percentage of people do you think watch,  “Dancing with the Stars” or the Kardashians, versus what percentage of people do you think religiously watch “Shark Tank”?

If I had to guess, I would guess maybe 5 to 8% of people that watch TV watch “Shark Tank,” and I would say a higher percentage of people watch the type of thing like “Dancing with the Stars” or whatever.

MOST people don’t talk about business.

In my corporate career, I could only name a couple of people that I worked with out of hundreds and hundreds of people that ever really talked about being an entrepreneur.

But, everyone likes buying a good product.

It’s normal for people to say, “Hey, I just tried this yogurt and it’s delicious, so good.” That’s very natural. That’s a natural conversation for stay-at-home moms to have, for teachers to have, mechanics to have, truck drivers to have, for everybody to have.

It’s NOT normal when soccer mom pulls up and says, “We’re going to be rich.” It’s not normal. Now I’m not saying there’s no soccer moms that are entrepreneurs. But on average, most people don’t talk about making money. In some families, it’s kind of a taboo kind of deal.

It is percentage-wise across the masses, it is more natural to talk about product.

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How People See You

Differentiation means that you are approaching the people that you know based on how they see you.

How people see you determines if they will trust and buy from you. In the video below I elaborate on how you can get more people signing up just by how they view you.

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