product promoters, mlm teamIf you want to scale up your business fast, then you should be building an army of Product Promoters in Your MLM Team.

Here I will share EXACTLY how to build this unstoppable selling machine.

Product Promoters In Your MLM Team

There are two huge missing components inside network marketing in this day and age.

Two huge missing components from network marketing trainers:

  1. Not enough trainers are teaching how to lead with products.
  2. Not enough trainers are teaching how to reach the masses who aren’t after $10,000 a month. (The masses after $250-$500 a month)

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Why Lead With A Product?

Well, last time I checked, all humans like buying cool products.

People like to buy things.

Now, they may not be able to afford all the things they want. But, it is very natural for me to come to you no matter our relationship and say, “Hey man, I just got this cool product. Check it out, you might like it.” 

Not Many Entrepreneurs

If I had to guess, I’m going to guess 2% of the actual population are known for being an entrepreneur.

What’s interesting to me is about 2% of the population are known to their warm market as hustlers, entrepreneurs, money makers. Yet 99% of all the other network marketing trainers out there teach lead with business, lead with opportunity.

Well, I’m sorry. But if your warm market has NEVER seen you as someone who should be on Shark Tank or someone who got a marketing degree or someone who has owned businesses in the past, it’s a little weird.

You saying, “Hey, I got this new business, we’re going to be rich!” It’s a little weird.

Leading with product is always going to be more duplicatable.

What You Should Teach Your MLM Team

There are a few things you should NOT to do when leading with a product.

In the video below I share the WRONG way of promoting your products. I will also tell you exactly what to say to do it RIGHT. This is powerful stuff if you want more sales and more reps.

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