Those of you wanting to recruit more people…you DO know that it is more natural to lead with your MLM product, right?

Learn my thoughts on this and how adding this into your arsenal and teaching your team can seriously impact your results!

Opportunity vs. Leading with MLM Product or Service


It’s sad to me that there’s confusion around this, because what it shows is it shows it’s not being taught, which is naughty.

There are more, I guarantee you. I don’t care if you’re freaking on Shark Tank. I don’t care if you’re the business guru of the year. There are more, repeat after me. There are more people in your team that would be comfortable leading with product than opportunity. I guarantee you, 100% of the time. There are more people in your team, that would be comfortable leading with your MLM product, than opportunity. I’m just letting you know.

Now, maybe everyone sees you as the mayor of the town, and you just said, “Hey. I’m thinking about doing this thing,” and they say, “Get me in.” Right? Okay, good for you. Congrats. I remember I went to a network marketing training and this guy gets up there and he’s like, “I signed up the first 60 people I talked to, 100%, 60 for 60, and here’s what I said.” People were like, oh. They thought they were getting this magical MLP, element, hypnosis, persuasive incantation to just melt the minds of prospects. It’s all baloney. It’s total baloney. The only person that gets 60 out of 60 is someone who has such an amazing warm market that trusts them, respects them, looks up to them, maybe has their T-shirt, right? They freaking love that person.

In the below video I talk about BAD practices of uplines, how warm market can vary and why leading with your MLM product is typically a smart move, and again, it DOES get intense!

We have got to raise the level. We got to start acting like professionals. There you go. That’s my rant.

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Lead with Product or Network Marketing Opportunity?

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